Thursday, June 29, 2006

Short and sweet

In one of my dreams last night I was holding a roll of carpet, peeling off huge chunks, and shoving it in my mouth as if it were a fruit roll-up.

When I fell back asleep

My goal in this dream was to get to summer camp, but I keep getting detoured. I went to visit Big Gray and Mame who had adopted a baby unbeknownst to me. Ms. Comrade was there too. I ran into another friend at an art house theatre/museum. The museum had an enlarged poster of the "classic foreign film" Vinegus. It looked like a massive Hieronymus Bosch painting. The length of the film was 0-45 min.
I have no idea what the movie is about, but I thought it was a pretty cool name to make up.

Monday, June 26, 2006

X-istential Crisis
I think this ranks in the top ten of my best dreams.

Ok. So, I'm in "the city" at some club watching an improv act. Some friends and I are about to go on a road trip. One of them has a blue face, spikes for earrings, and slicked back black hair. She convinces me that I should look "punk" like her. In other words, I should look like Kelsey Grammer in X-men (aka The Beast). So, I go get spikes in my ears and eat tablets that make my face turn blue. Rather than slicking back my hair, I get a page-boy haircut. It looks horrible. I return to the meeting place, walking cautiously the whole way there so that no one sees me. I'm in tears 'cause I can't believe I did this. I look at my friend and she's back to normal. I ask her why she isn't punk anymore. She says she realized that she looked stupid. Fortunately for her, the blue dye had worn off. I still had to deal with it for several days. So, I made up a quick lie and said I had to go home to get my purse. I walked in the house (in Auburn) looked to the left to find my stepfather on the computer. I was worried that I would have to explain what happened to me, but he looked worse. He was emaciated with saggy eyes, very pale skin, elongated arms, a humpback, and an enlarged head. In fact, I likened him to an alien. He was fine otherwise. I then ran to my room to take off the earrings. The blue had surprisingly disappeared from my face, but I still had to deal with the page-boy haircut.

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