Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The More I Think About it the More Surreal It Gets
I went to see M. Kozelek last night in Gainesville. It was the most painfully awkward show not only because of the ridiculous "jokes" from the audience, but also b/c of Mr. K's mood.
One of my pet peeves is people talking during quiet performances. Mr. Kozelek obviously felt the same way. He began by sarcastically, but calmly, suggesting that the audience pay attention to his "genius" guitar playing. They didn't shut up. Then an obnoxious girl in the front laughed loudly, while everyone else was silent. M.K. stopped playing. This is how the conversation followed (not word for word, but close):
M.K.: "What's funny?"
Girl inexplicably said: "Your guitar."
M.K.: "What's funny about my guitar? Do you know what kind of this guitar is? It's the kind of guitar that you are going to be wearing around your neck. It's the kind of guitar that's going to be smashed on your head.... I'm going throw down!"

Ha ha (awkward laughter here)

Despite this he continued to play. Then, some idiots had stand by the side of the stage and continued to talk. That was it. Many expletives were said by M.K. He wouldn't even finish the song before walking off.

So, apparently he hates Florida and this just seeled the nail in the coffin. He only played about 7 songs, and, sadly, they were mainly Modest Mouse covers.
I don't how to feel. I mad at the audience, b/c I'm so tired of going to shows where people talk louder than the music--it's so disrespectful. However, FL isn't the only state that does this and for him to just walk out is equally frustrating. We talked to him briefly afterwards, and he was very apologetic. Even so, I didn't expect him to react so strongly.

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