Tuesday, February 14, 2006

(From Those Were the Days)
"Sometime during the third century, the conservative right thought there should be something else to do on this date than to observe the ancient pagan holiday of Lupercalia. For those who don’t remember -- or can’t remember -- Lupercalia was an ancient Roman fertility festival. Instead of revelry and sacrificing goats and dogs, it was determined that two Christian martyrs should be celebrated. Both were named St. Valentine. One of the saints was a priest and doctor who was beaten and beheaded while on the Flaminian Way, Rome, Italy in the year 269. A year later, the Bishop of Terni met the same fate in the same place.
Something got lost in the translation and the two celebrations became one. St. Valentine’s Day, the most widely celebrated unofficial holiday, is a modern-day fertility rite. (There’s even an old legend that says birds choose their mates on this day.)

This is the day that lovers of all ages give tokens of affection to each other; with kisses accompanied by flowers, candy or romantic, candlelit dinners. Thoughts of love are traded between lovers; often expressed in greeting card form or with sunset, moonlight, a glass of wine and thou!"

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Laundry Day
Do you ever describe what you're doing in song? You know, you're silently looking through the refrigerator one moment, and then you're belting out "where is the ketchup?" (or maybe this is just me). So, anyway I just came up with my best "song" yet: "Towel at the bottom [of the laundry basket], I feel ya'!" It starts off low and ends an octave higher. Extend the time it takes to say "bottom," and you've got it.

You Might Have Heard This
A 14 yr. old died not to long ago at a juvenile boot camp in Florida. First, they said he couldn't handle the exercises; then a video was made available last week. Yeah, the guards were clearly the culprits. They beat him severely. To add insult to injury, the kid was a straight A student prior to entering the facility. He took his grandmother's car with a few friends for a "joyride." She reported it missing. When they discovered who took it, the grandmother didn't want to press charges, but the police did anyway. The kid should have never even been admitted. He died at intake. The first day. It's truly a sad story.

The good news is that legistlators are holding special committee meetings to assess the efficiency/necessity of boot camps. My office has been asked to research the matter. Since we only knew on Thursday, we've been frantically researching empirical articles in preparation for the Wednesday meeting. This is the first time I've seen our work actually (hopefully) affect policy. It's such a rewarding feeling. It's why I went into this field.

I'm All Out of Love
I'm so lost without you...

Attention lovers and friends!
Big Gray will be performing its first show since August featuring a slightly re-tooled line-up. Come on out to the Caledonia tomorrow night, February 14th around 11 pm. Sure to put your ladies in the mood*.

*for something. We're not making any actual promises...

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