Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why do we have stores dedicated exclusively to things like scrapbooking and batteries?

I went to look at a house out in the country today. It was too small and the owner/agent was the least charismatic person I have ever met. I'm an easy sell (please see last two car purchases...) He could have told me I looked really pretty/skinny in the too-small kitchen and I might have written him a check on the spot. Instead, he just stood there sipping a coke and making me feel really uncomfortable, as if my future held an encounter with the business end of a chain saw and an up-close-and-personal view of the inside of a free standing freezer unit.

What this occasion did serve as was another shift in my opinion on the matter of moving. This week? I want to move. Last week? I was pricing new cabinets from IKEA and emailing contractors as to the price of knocking down a wall in my kitchen.

I am consumed by my own indecision!

2am:Last night I was waking up to do school work. Tonight I'm just getting home.
My new favorite band = The Hold Steady. Their cd doesn't do them justice. They rocked my world.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Sunday
I watched my first Superbowl from start to finish last night! I mean, I was bored and a little punch drunk but it was a first for me. I kept forgetting who was playing, which team I had randomly chosen to support (I was not victorious...) and was endlessly distracted by "Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet.

ew. I just went on to describe some of the things I observed during the game, but it was really boring so I just deleted it.
You are welcome.

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