Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Phoenix from the flame
Well, trusty bloggers, I'm glad that the Agent has been towing the line with tales of Toronto because I have been, frankly, MIA. (and not hot hip-hop, either...)

Here's a recap:
I will, officially, be back in school in the spring. I got a letter.
My hair is, much to the delight of my parents, blonde again.
My 29th birthday was uneventful, save the Fort Cookie collapse.
I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner. You are all invited next year.
I am in the process of matting and hanging 1200 pieces of art for a show.
I put a bracelet on my arm almost a week ago that I have not been able to remove.

I think that is sufficient for now. I may have some photos around here somewhere, perhaps of a 2 AM Turkey-day sing-a-long 'round the piano...
I'll rustle 'em up.

For now, it's good to be back.

Dear Mr. Bush,
60% of Americans do not support the war in Iraq and, by default, your administration.
God Bless the USA.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I feel as if I should post something
I'm back from Toronto (well, I was two weeks ago). Great city! I felt slightly estranged upon our arrival. It has a European flare, yet looks like any major U.S. city. I'd love to move there--not simply for political/social reasons, but also because everyone is incredibly friendly. Plus, they have ketchup flavored Lays potato chips (tastes just like fries with ketchup) and cranberry flavored 7up!! I can't image a better combination.
The conference I attended went well. At least my presentations did. We drank with professors while ridiculing others for using discrete instead of continuous variables (the horror!). Good times were had by all. The snow was just a bonus.

More recently, I'm amazed with my self-sufficiency. I fixed my dryer yesterday. Well, I almost did. I took it apart and hope to replace the broken belt asap.

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