Saturday, November 05, 2005

It's refreshing that dictionaries must resort to potty humor to convey the meaning of a definition. On the other hand, this could be way of developing erudite children. "Ha ha. You created an expulsion of gas in your pants!" Btw, what is that man-child eating?

I've been working on a research project comparing fraud offenders--a frequently ignored group in studying white collar crime--to other economic offenders (i.e. burglars and robbers). It's a welcomed break from studying juveniles for so long; not to mention, I'm making myself a more marketable job candidate (it's all about selling yourself these days). Anyway, the database is taking forever to create, because I have to classify individuals according to the type of fraud, forgery, or embezzlement they committed. Well, this becomes much more complicated and tedious when we have geniuses creating charges such as these: "Forgery/uttering" and "Uttering forgery." Anyone know the difference? Fortunately, I'll be in Toronto in less than two weeks to present the results.

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