Thursday, October 20, 2005

I just chased a fly out of the room with a Tupperware lid. In the process I chased my dog out, too. He wants back in, but I know he's in cahoots with that pesky fly...

Last night I dreamt that some of my students made me a box of t-shirts with white, iron-on fuzzy letters spelling the words "lamprey pants."

I am a woman of the road. Thanks to the countless dead animals on 78, I know what blood smells like when it's been cooking on the asphalt for 7 hours.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Swear There Is Humor in This
August: My computer modem is fried in a lightening storm. I still haven't fixed it.
September: My entire air conditioning unit dies. Everything needed to be replaced.
Two weeks ago: My water heater is replaced.
Last week: My car breaks down. The ignition module (i.e. one of the most expensive parts to replace) burned.
Tonight: My dryer dies.
Next week: ?????

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