Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dear Listerine,
Your Whitening Pre-Brush rinse leaves a gelatinous film on all of the soft tissue in my mouth.
I have discontinued its use but will reconsider if you take it back to the drawing board because I like the way it tastes, although I've not seen the "remarkable" results promised.

Hit it CC!

Hat's off to Tightrope, who did NOT let the Brits drink her under the table last night. Quite on the contrary, they looked a bit shell-shocked this morning when I picked them up for their radio interview.

I told them it was par for the course with that girl. She knows where the party's at.

On another note, I am officially obsessed with the new John Vanderslice. I can't stop listening to it, stop talking about it, stop hearing it in my head. I wouldn't go on my walk yesterday until I put it on my iPod shuffle.

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