Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dear McDonald's,

I find it totally unnecessary to put the price "$1" next to every item on a menu that you cleverly named the "dollar menu."
We get it.


I had an almost euphoric day at school yesterday. It might have a lot to do with the steady stream of BC powder and seltzer, but I'm pretty sure it was because my job fucking rocks.

Newsflash, bitches!
"Governor Sonny Perdue declares Monday and Tuesday official school holidays in honor of the tireless efforts of Georgia's teachers to educate and inspire our students."
Yeah right...but we do get Mon and Tues off to conserve gas in the wake of Rita. Lots of students. Lots of busses.

Monday, September 19, 2005

My pets have no privacy
Because of our recent unpleasantness with Duncan, I have become an overbearing pet owner in regards to my two remaining pals. They can't go in the other room without me following them. I monitor their eating, follow the dog outside to make sure everything is, um, coming out ok, if I go somewhere with the dog I worry about the cat being lonely, I wouldn't spend the night at my folks so that she wouldn't be alone all night by herself, I inspect hairballs and try my best to remember what previous hairballs looked like so that I can compare. Are they eating enough? Are they eating too much? Are they drinking enough water? Did the dog just eat a kleenex?
It's exhausting, really.

I gave the dog a haircut on Saturday while I was supposed to be grading projects. To thank me he spent the next 30 minutes rubbing his ass on the underside of the boxspring and growling (a favorite pasttime of his.) It must feel really good. I tried to imagine what might feel good enough to growl and I decided that getting your hair washed at the salon comes pretty damn close.

This weekend we all (the KAD) had big plans to go to ATL and see VisS. Everyone but Qlickx has backed out, putting a damper on our hotel plans since it's gone from 20 bucks each to 50. I've already started plotting my revenge...

Ooo, it appears I have a new add request on myspace! I hope its not that cock-rock band from LA again. Take a hint, boys.

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