Thursday, August 04, 2005

Love In an Elevator
I'm in NY and couldn't wait to say that I saw Bruce Springsteen with his son at the Museum of Natural History!!!!! We were looking at dinosaurs together. Then I stalked him into the elevator and out the door. I can't believe it. The Boss!

My dog ATE a pair of my shoes the other night. Not just chewed, ATE them. Weird. He's never been a shoe-chewer, much less an eater... Big Gray was sitting inches away from him at the time but claims to not have realized what was going on. I fear for when we have children.

I hugged two crying parents today at open registration. I have 9th grade homeroom and I think they were having a hard time. The kids seemed fine, though.

I killed a butterfly today, on accident of course, but I saw it flying towards my car, hit my windshield, ricochet straight upwards and through blurry eyes and the rearview mirror, hit the pavement behind me. I'm traumatized.

I heard an interesting story involving ex-lax and a Puerto Rican elevator earlier...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I drove all night just to get to school
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like OnStar. Or a private driver. I'll settle for a really fucking good street map of Gwinnett county.
Love, Mame.

I found a house for sale in Winder with an in-ground pool. I don't even care what the house looks like. I'll sleep on an inflatable raft.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I Need a Peanut Butter Solution
Last week I had to take my cat, Eartha, to be groomed. Why anyone would take their cat on a regular basis I don't know. She looks horrible, but it had to be done. Eartha is slightly overweight; so, she has trouble cleaning herself. Thus, her fur became rather dred-like and she had hairballs. All but her head and tail were shaved. It creeps me out b/c I see this disembodied head lurking around the house. It's as if she's a robot cat and just received her "real" head. I catch my other cat, Kitt, staring at her. Poor thing.

I go to NYC tomorrow! This will be my last vacation of the summer. Hmpf.

Dear Nate,
40 Watt.
Sorry for the delay.

On the way home today, driving through the country, I saw a pasture full of baby goats and started crying.

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