Saturday, July 30, 2005

Restless Leg Syndrome
I have it. I saw a late night commercial (maybe it was a dream) but I felt as though someone was finally speaking to ME from inside the tube!

Restless Leg Syndrome (or RLS) is accompanied by the compulsion to shift weight or positions while your body is at rest. People that suffer from RLS have difficulty falling asleep (according to the commercial) and often feel discomfort. I totally have this. If in fact I do have RLS, I am joined by the countless men and women over the age of 70 that were featured in the RLS ad. As I type this my left leg is experiencing some pain...

My mom and brother came into town last night to see BG play with Venice is Sinking. We ate at Farm beforehand. Citizens of Athens: You have a new most favorite restaurant. It was a little busy and the girl tending bar is one that I don't care for, but the food is amazing. Afterwards we all tied one on and saw a superbly slowed down set sans bass player at Flicker. A couple of months ago Ms. Comrade (MIA from last night's show and not returning phone calls...) overheard a conversation with BG and Karolyn "powerkompany" Troupe (also a member of Venice is Sinking) re: Belle and Sebastian:
k: I don't like Belle and Sebastian. They are kind of a pussy-rock band.
bg: I got news for you k, you play in a pussy-rock band.

Dear VisS,
Your cover of that Galaxie 500 song was lovely, but drove the last nail into your pussy-rock coffin.
Love, Mame.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hitler was a homo!
Well, at least that is what the documentary I watch Sunday tried to convince me of. Interesting, though, and quite convincing. Are there any real surprises there? I mean those uniforms, that hair. The mustache? Mr. Kids called to see what I was doing and I had to tell her I was watching a 2 hour documentary on Hitler's latent homosexuality. She politely agreed to call me back later.

On Demand!
This is the end, my only friend. I have discovered the world of digital cable On Demand. Any movie I want any time I want it? Sold. Oh, its free you say? I hereby relinquish my body to you, Charter Communications. Miss that last episode of 6FU? No sweat. I'll just dial it up. Widescreen or full? What I am saying? I would never slum with the full screen.

Big Gray style
--Big Gray said something really sweet about me on his blog. Just when I thought he'd stopped noticing...

--Yesterday I watched as a grown woman addressed a crowd of college educated adults, explaining to them that in addition to wanting quiet when her hand was up, she wanted us to raise a hand also so that she knew we were listening.

--Must Love Dogs tagline? "Wraps a leash around your heart."
Please, just wrap it around my neck. And pull.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The funniest thing I've ever heard on TV
"No one's ever told me I don't look masculine when I dance with a ribbon."
Uh, we didn't think we had to...
I don't normally like reality tv, but "So You Think You Can Dance" had me enraptured last week. Poor guy from Julliard is hopelessly in denial. NO ONE looks masculine dancing with a ribbon.

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