Friday, July 01, 2005

The recording from our show last night was described as "listenable," which is more than I expected.

In-towners, you have one final chance to see us as the OG BG. Nate will leave us forever on Tuesday. Come to the GO bar Saturday and you will also get to see BG's other hack band, Venice is Sinking.

It rained so hard this afternoon that my dog jumped in the shower with me. Why are there so many songs about the rain? I mean, CCR has 2 for christ's sake! All it inspires me to do is take naps.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What is the deal here?
I've never seen any greek salad contain potato salad until I moved to Tassee. It's in every greek salad I eat in this town. I'm not saying it's a problem, but I never knew the Greeks had such an affinity for potato salad. I suspect it's a southern tradition.

The "Hassle" Indeed
The only thing redeeming about driving 10 minutes out of my way every time I leave or come home because my road has been under construction for the past month is that we have a "peed limit" of 30mph.

I've consolidated my student loans--just in time! My concern for paying them off has always been in the periphery. I've always justified using them for vacations, music, etc. because it all contributes to my "education." Now I'm faced with making payments for 30 years. Hmpf.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Newsflash, bitches!
This week Big Gray will play the last of our shows with current, beloved bass player Nate Deyonker. Come out and see us, for we know not when out next show will be.
Thursday- 40 Watt with a band that apparently sounds like Pet Shop Boys and another which has only been described to me as "sort of like Smashing Pumpkins," which can mean a number of things...
Saturday- GO Bar with Venice is Sinking


There has been rumor that we'll have a banter competition for the GO Bar show, where you, the audience, decides what BG and I will argue about on stage. The winner of the competition gets a Big Gray t-shirt that'll probably feature iron-on letters and a lanyard. You may submit your banter ideas here or at BG's website.
See you there!

Monday, June 27, 2005

She's Got an Uncontrollable Urge
Cleaning out a closet or trying to organize a house becomes increasingly more difficult when you have whole boxes devoted to things labelled "letters from Matthew" or "jewelry that I don't wear anymore."

This year for your birthday I'm giving you the bathroom renovation. Surprise! Today they will fix the rotting hole in the wall where our window used to be. You can now shower without fear of falling through the floor at any minute! You won't have to share space with the colony of slugs that make their way through the cracks in the caulk! Loose pieces of tile will no longer adhere to the bottom on your wet feet.
I really wanted to get you something cool, but now I'm broke. Who knew bathrooms were so damn expensive? What a fitting 30th birthday present: higher resale value of our house! You're all grows up...
And it sucks.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tomorrow Big Gray turns the Big 3-0. The cake here is from his last birthday, compliments of Ms. Comrade and PEM. In case you can't see all the details, it features small plastic animals engaged in lewd activities with small plastic mermaids and text reading "I'm fuckin' it," Big Gray's take on the popular McDonald's ad campaign. It also has a lighter stating that "sometimes when I laugh I pee a little."
Never has a more perfect cake been made.
Let's hope that turning 30 doesn't make this kind of activity unreasonable for people our age.
Happy Birthday, BG. You my boo.

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