Thursday, June 23, 2005

two things decided over lunch-drunk
1. Hit it CC is perfect!
2. Crazy on You by Heart is the best song ever written

close third:
margarita summer rulz! boi-oi-oi

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Too much protein? Spices?
BG and I went to a churrascaria (i.e. a Brazilian restaurant with waiters that incessantly bring you meat) in Atlanta with our father on Father's Day. The food was great, but that night I had a dream (s) that would rank in the top 5 of my most outlandish dreams.
Scene 1: I find out that BG was murdered. I wake up in a panic, realize it was a dream, and fall back asleep hoping to start anew.
Scene 2: I lied about BG getting murdered to use as an excuse to not do my homework. I wake up again and try to change the direction of the dream.
Scene 3: A professor discovers that I lied and says to me, "I'm supposed to believe that when the cops found your brother he was in the shape of a pork tenderloin, rolled in candy, and cut into little pieces?" Me: "Well, yes." Naturally.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I've Had the Time of My Life
I trusted that 9 of my favorite girls could treat me to the best weekend ever and I was not disappointed.
Summer camp was a huge success, so much so that Ms. C cried her way to work today and I have not yet gotten out of my pajamas.
Take my word for it, all you summer camp veterens: It's a lot better with booze and rampant cussing.
I propose seasonal camps! Winter, spring, summer and fall.

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