Friday, June 10, 2005

Now that a long distance move it out of the question, I've got my sights on a short-distant move out to the country. Don't panic, people. I'm not donning overalls and a John Deer hat. Yet...

Athens, for those of you not living here, becomes very small town very quick depending on the direction you drive out of town. One of those directions is the direction of my new job.

Obvious benefits? Cheaper property, bigger house meaning more space for art/music studios, only 15 minutes or so from town, chewing tobacco
Obvious downfalls? Having to bribe our friends to visit with beer. And food. And possibly money.

I've lived here for 10 years and have never lived outside of town. What if I become a recluse like JD Salinger? What if Big Gray and I start eating off of the same plate and sleeping in a tent in the living room? What if I start wearing pleated jeans and seasonal sweaters?
What if I can't get digital cable!!!

Well, I guess it could be worse. I really do love Salinger...

I have an inordinate number of friends from Snellville, GA- "Where everybody's somebody."
Today one of them sent me this email:

"the guys at the smoking gun found a pile of fan letters mariah carey threw out on the side of the road. it's a hilarious parade of freakshows and sad clowns.

and then this one. "

The title of the post?
"everybody's somebody in Mariah Carey's trash can"

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Summertime Rolls
My summer vacation, by Mame D
It starts out similar to last summer: My dog Char being hospitalized and needing surgery that breaks the bank. Ah, summer...

All's well with the dog, I'm over the initial shock and ready to plunge headfirst into the summer vacation. What to do, what to do?
Ah yes, I forgot. I don't have to do anything. And I don't feel the least bit guilty.

So here's to a summer of sleeping in, outrageous drinking, rock and roll and public pools!
Here's to barbeques, straw hats and sunscreen.
Here's to margaritas, convertibles, central air and 2-shower days.
Here's to long sweaty walks and abandoned school playgrounds.
Here's to cutoffs and sneakers without socks.
Here's to water guns.
Here's to roadtrips.
Here's to mix tapes.
Here's to flip flops.
Here's to oysters and cheap beer.
Here's to me.
I'll see you all at the pool.

Listening to the new Teenage Fanclub cd now! Woo hoo! I think I'd love anything these guys do.

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