Friday, June 03, 2005

Accidentally an Ass-hole
I was inadvertently rude this past weekend on two occassions. (any other rude-ness you may have encountered from me was totally intended...)
1. Hit it CC paid me a compliment and I shot it down
2. I made the teller of a rather long-winded story the butt of many jokes (ie. "it was the summer of 77" and "flash-forward to the fall of 79")

Thursday, June 02, 2005

60 and rainy
This is not the June weather I have come to expect from my beloved Georgia... There was a time in my life when I thought drizzle and gray was romantic. But of course I was living in Southern California where rain is not just romantic, its a miracle. I guess until recently...

I'm afraid I might have to feign some sort of sadness when I leave school today. What I'd really like to do is back out slowly, giving everybody the finger.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Class of 1995
I got an invite for my 10 year high school reunion this week. Were it not on the other side of the country, I might be tempted. But 400+ dollars for a ticket to risk a) not getting to see the people I'd really like to see or b) being terribly disappointed when I do see them. The small handful of people that I still keep in touch with wouldn't be caught dead at the Lomas Carne reunion (names have been changed to protect my street cred...) and unless I could be assured that there would be an open bar and I could have control of the dj booth for at least part of the night, not gonna happen.

So good luck, Broncos. We don't take no (ooof) jive!

Happy June, everybody!

After a long weekend of rock and roll, quiz bowl and double-time parties I have to say that despite rainy weather, it was one of the best Memorial Day weekends I've had.

My favorite was drinking mimosas on MK's porch listening to gangster rap, although Anavan kicking Glamb's ass in my driveway was pretty top notch. I wore the battery down in my camera, but as soon as I can I'll post some photos.

Everything's all packed up in my office. It is officially over as soon as I get grades in and turn in my keys. I don't even feel relieved anymore. Just numb. So long, Walnut!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Land of Enchantment
I'm back from New Mexico--Albuquerque, more specifically. It's a fantastic town full of gorgeous sunsets, perfect weather (in the morning and evening), adobe-style houses, Mexican food that doesn't make you sick (the trick is less cheese and lots of green chiles!), and vast landscapes. We hiked on volcanoes (inactive, of course), amongst the petroglyphs (ancient pictures carved into rock), and through a canyon that ended in probably one of the best views I've ever seen. There was a lot of rain this year, so the desert was actually green. A photo shoot was also taking place. It was disconcerting and laughable to turn a corner and there's a model in her underwear and high heels on top of rocks. I had hoped that I wasn't "unprepared" for the hike b/c I was simply wearing tennis shoes. On our return to the car, she was posing in just a sheet.
Other stops included a walk along the Rio Grande, two museums, a trip to Santa Fe, and a visit inside the remaining theatre that was designed in "Pueblo Deco." Think art deco, but with cow skulls and cacti.
One thing that wasn't so great about "the querq" was their public broadcasting station. I never seen such an abundance of bad shows. For example, I must have watched for at least half an hour of this guy "djing." That's it. All he did was play songs and you could watch him. His wife would sit with him intermittently, but then she'd start coughing and would leave. Apparently, he didn't have the ability to turn the mic off while playing music. He'd forget occasionally and would tell his wife or anyone else in the background to "shhh." Was this there version of digital cable's music stations?

I returned only to leave the next day to visit a juvenile detention facility in Vernon, FL. Not much to say about the facility, but on our way there we passed "Muscle Car Alley," "Duty Rd., " and "Hard Labor Rd." I guess there's little doubt as to where someone could find any of those things. Beside Hard Labor Rd. was a wooden sign with "babies" written on it in red paint. Beneath the word were three arrows pointing down towards the ground!!! It's no wonder Errol Morris came there.

So, I won't be traveling for another 2 weeks. It's unbelievably nice to spend time at home. However, several weeks ago I agreed to take care of a friend's pets (two cats and a dog) for two weeks. I don't know why I even offered. She wants me to stay at her house, which is a terrible inconvenience, but I'm being paid good money and she said I could stay at her house in Greece anytime. Whenever come "home" the two cats are waiting for me--one in each window panel on either side of the door. It's creepy. They're the animal version of the little girls in The Shining. One has a glass eye and eats everything. You can't leave paper in the room, all of the appliances are unplugged b/c she chews cords, and she's not allowed in the bedroom b/c she'll tear the fabric apart. The dog can't go in the screened porch unsupervised b/c he'll chew on the hot tub cover. This creates some tricky maneuvering on my part.

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