Thursday, May 26, 2005

Someone slipped me some god...
Today I found on my desk a folded pamphlet urging me to give my life to Christ. I threw it away, then instantly retrieved it so that I could slip it on someone else's desk, or maybe the windshield of someone's car outside of the Manhattan.
Then I threw it away again.

So long old friend
My mom's long time companion and best friend, her lhasa apso Bitsy, is swiftly making her move to the next life. What is it that is so damaging about losing a pet? Is it that we feel responsible for their well being and dying is like we've let them down for not granting them eternal life? Whatever it is, I've been intermittently crying for the past few days, hoping that the end comes quickly and without pain. Pour one out for ol' Bicky. She's a good one...

Tomorrow is my last day at Walnut High School. In case you don't read Big Gray, I found myself a new job. A damn good one at that. Good-bye Walnut! I wish things could have been different between us...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

June 29th! It's June 29th!
(when IKEA opens in ATL)

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