Friday, May 20, 2005

Big Gray in the paper...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Has anyone seen Lindsay Lohan recently? My god, no wonder American girls have image complexes. You have a perfectly cute teen star turned heroine chic by the media. Eat something, for god's sake!

Hey Lindsay, remember when you used to have boobs?

This will be my week!

Over the weekend I had a dream that I was offered a new job. This morning I got a letter in the mail announcing that I have been selected for inclusion in the 9th edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Just moments ago a cute special ed teacher brought me a bag of homemade sweets.

Is this an omen of good things to come, or my ironic punishment for leaving my job? At any rate, this is the last full week of school and, not unlike the Agent, I plan to bum around as much as possible in the coming months, provided I'm not still on the job search.

Cross your fingers, America!

Monday, May 16, 2005

I've been looking over past blog entries ('cause I'm bored, I guess). The things that I do today are no different from what I did nearly 2 years ago.
"Caught Bill Maher's season finale on HBO. Very entertaining. Charles Barkeley isn't the most articulate person, but he brought up some valid points." Watched Bill Maher's season finale this past Friday. Charles Barkely was a guest. I feel asleep this time.
I noted Elias Kazan's death, and yesterday I bought A Face in the Crowd.
Mame announced the upcoming arrival of IKEA in Atlanta. I'm still eagerily waiting for opening day.

woooooo! scary. I think it's more frightening that my life is so repetitious and mundane.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Goodbye to a Year of Cancelations and Disappointments
I can't tell you how many trips and plans I've canceled, movies missed, etc. this year so that I can get work and schoolwork done. The good news is that my coursework is finished, several research projects are in process, and I have an idea for my dissertation.
This summer I plan to start anew and basically be a bum for all but the 20 hours that I'm not working. The relaxation is absolutely necessary. My laziness will entail mass amounts of movie watching (high excitement indeed!). It's all about classics for the next few months.
I watched Sleuth last weekend. It's my favorite film at the moment. The dialogue is superb.
Here are my two memorable quotes:
In reference to the staging of a robbery, Olivier says "Make it convincing, not Carthaginian."
Also, "There are certain skills best acquired in public bars, I suppose."

Today I bought the "Controversial Classics" collection. I was actually looking for a film noir collection, but this caught my eye first. I'm most excited about A Face in the Crowd, but the others look equally good.

I might add t.v. shows to my list, as well. Has anyone noticed the insane amount of shows that get put on to dvd? Is cable t.v. even necessary now? I thought I avoided wasting hours in front of a television when horrible shows that I inexiblicably watched were canceled. Now, they're all on dvd and easily accessible on Netflix! I have no will power when it comes to bad television.

Went to Kung Fu Hustle last night. Of course, it wasn't as good as seeing it in, ahem, Hong Kong (hee hee). There should've been more dancing in both versions. Nevertheless, it was a proper way to celebrate the end of the semester.

This week I go to New Mexico to visit friends.

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