Thursday, April 21, 2005

This weekend I'm off to photograph an old friend in her Vera Wang.
That sounds kinda dirty...

After a short breakdown this morning, I'm level and ready to finish my day, hop in the car and head for the airport. Surely sunny Sarasota will ease my troubled mind. Certainly 3 nights at the Sarasota Hilton will calm my nerves.

Hey Florida! Why are you so damn expensive?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No one has ever accused me of being very level headed, so why is everyone surprised that I'm having a nervous breakdown now.

I'm generally a hyperreactive person, but quitting my job without another one lined up is simply not my style. Spending endless, exhausting hours filling out applications, (Georgia counties, YOU SUCK!) writing letter after letter to school after school, worrying day and night...it's enough to make you MAD.

I found out today that the perfect school for me did not find me to be the perfect teacher for them. Crushed really isn't the word.

Meanwhile, photos that I have yet to be paid for are being reproduced all over the country without any credit. Throw me a fucking bone. Do you think it's too early to call on the new Pope for some spiritual guidance? We are fellow countrymen, afterall...

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