Friday, February 04, 2005

Pants on Fire
So, I busted BG in a lie the day before yesterday and I'm still a little pissed. It wasn't even about something lie-worthy. It was lame. And lying is lame. So you are duelly lame, BG.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I just picked at a zit in the privacy of my office but in a matter of seconds my next class will flood in and I'll have to own up to my adult acne.

Right-brained, right handed.
I just tried to write my name with my left hand and even though it looks like a monkey wrote it, it was, nonetheless, a monkey with my own aesthetic sensibilities.

Band practice tonight.
But you know that means we'll just get drunk and sing Linda Ronstadt songs all night.

Hay Jaxxon!
I'm thinking of planning my vacation in your fine city again in '05. This year, I want more gambling and at least one of you to go with me.
Gimme some!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I love that Aque Duct record. It combines everything I love about indie rock seamlessly with everything I love about the Xanadu soundtrack.

Why is everyone so down on the Arcade Fire? So what if they are gaining popularity? Didn't the impulse to down any band that breaks through to mainstream expire when we became adults, or are we still jealous that some people make it while others don't?
I can tolerate BG's rants on Conor Oberst because, well, I think he sort of sucks. But that Arcade Fire album, whether you want to believe that genuinely good indie bands can get big, fucking rocks.
You don't surrender your cool card if you like music that is featured on the OC, you just might question your membership...
PS, We are not rock and roll anymore. We're too busy buying legitimate downloads for our iPods.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Say it ain't so.
I have the blues. I'm naturally an easy crier (see post below) but I've honed enough skill to hold it back in potentially damaging situations.
But not these days...
A student came by, one of my all-time favorites, to play me a song that he wrote about his breakup with the arguably certifiable girl he dated for 2 years. It was great, catchy, a little hokey in parts but overall a pop masterpiece for a 17 year old.
I had to choke back tears. Probably not the best scenario to walk by a room and see a teenager playing the guitar, singing a song about a painful breakup and me clutching my hanky like a woman on the edge.

Long walk home
To fracture the length of my morning commute I have started communicating with the iPod, saying things like, "wow, you really like that Prince album" or "would you please get over the Nick Drake?"
This morning that little scamp shuffled me some Faces but threw it back in my face by insisting on playing that fucking Low Christmas record AGAIN.

Assigning animate qualities to inanimate objects is what resulted in me crying once when I accidentally dropped the last sliver of this fabulous Portuguese poppy soap down the drain before it could live out its last days in the soap dish.
I think I might cry just thinking about it now...

Monday, January 31, 2005

An open letter to P:
You are a coward and a fool.
And you hurt my best friend, which now puts you on my short list of people that I would like to kick in the nads.

Mr. Donald Kibbles, Esq.
A fellow teacher inadvertantly took the wind out of a rambunctious senior's sails last week when he tried to pass off his name in the yearbook as 'Don Kyballs' by asking the class "who in the world is Don Kibbles?"

Ice Crisis 2005
The panic is over! And I don't mean Widespread, although thank god it's over too...

Every year if the temp drops below freezing there is a run on white bread, bottled water and kool-aid at the grocery store. Honestly, people. Must we embarrass ourselves time after time?
Lest I remind you of Ice Storm 2000? What a bust! Schools were cancelled, businesses put on alert. I think the temp got up to about 50 that day.

Well, needless to say I'm at work today. I guess we did learn a little something.
Beware the wintery mix!

VIS was good on Friday, although I will NOT make it a habit again to pound cheap champagne at the start of my night. You can thank me later...

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