Saturday, January 22, 2005

What is this "blog" you speak of?
Last time I wrote a post I believe I was in Seoul, Korea. Three weeks later...I'm finally ready to write a more detailed account of my trip to Hong Kong. The vacation was fantastic. Not only was I desparately needing to get out of town, I also couldn't have chosen a better place. I'd go back (or to anywhere in Asia) again at any moment if I thought I could afford it. It certainly helped that my traveling companions were pleasant--even the Nemesis. We were all in agreement that we wanted to make the most of the trip, and we did. The city is very westernized, making it accessible to travel without knowing any Chinese. In fact, the friend that took us speaks Mandarin, while most Chinese in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. My friend ended up speaking more English than Mandarin. She actually wasn't of much help anyway. She was there to visit her boyfriend. They spent time together, while the remaining three of us explored most of the city.
We were fortunate enough to stay at the Chinese University of Hong Kong hotel, because the boyfriend goes to the University. This made the trip significantly cheaper. Food wasn't too expensive if you went to the local noodle houses (that's what I call them). That's where I watched my friend eat a chicken leg. I'm not refering to a drumstick--it was claws and all. I can't say that I was that adventurous, but I did have enough seafood to last a lifetime. If you know me well, you'll realize that eating seafood was quite an accomplishment for me. For most of my life, I've had an adversion to anything aquatic--a source of controversy amongst family members. Big Gray has the same problem. I hate being the seen as the "picky" eater despite the fact that I'll eat anything else. So, on the trip I forced my self to eat seafood. I begrudgingly admit that the fish was good, but I still cannot tolerate shellfish. (Look who's back in the good graces of our family, Big Gray?!) By the end of the trip, I didn't crave American food, but I did want variety. Every day and night was some form Chinese. I don't care to eat another noodle for awhile. On a side note: it's somewhat customary to wash the dishes yourself before you eat. The waiters bring a pot of hot water and you dip your plates, etc. in that. The dishes had already been washed once, but I guess not too well. I'm not sure why this was done.

If you were to only look at signs and posters in Hong Kong, you'd think that the city wasn't inhabited by humans. Penguins sat on the subway; trains had eyes, and SARS symptoms were described by a raindrop with arms and legs. It was anthropomorphic heaven! The scenery was beautiful--mountains behind skyscrapers with the sea below. It reminded me alot of Rio de Janiero, but the smog was more like Sao Paulo. A constant haze surrounded the city, because the mountains trapped the air pollution. Otherwise, it was fairly clean. Hong Kong Park and the zoological gardens lie within city, admist the skyscrapers. The park featured an enormous aviary with thousands of rare birds. The zoological gardens had chimpanzees, lemurs, a jaguar, and other various animals. The city is very modern and industrial; so, it was surprising to find these things in the middle of town. During the holidays, the facades of buildings are decorated with light designs. It's a little bit tacky, but it was far more impressive than anything I'd seen in the states. They do love Christmas. Decorations were still up when we left on New Years. People were at the mall taking pictures in front of the x-mas trees. This also made crowds unbearable. Your worst nightmare times ten. I spent most of my time not paying attention to any sites, but fighting my way through crowds. To be continued...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Takedown
This is the title that I gave that movie The Rundown starring The Rock, finalizing my inevitable transformation into my mother. She has the insatiable knack for not remembering small details but going ahead with the conversation anyway. My dad says that she graduated from the school of "oh shit, I almost had it right."

What I was clearly referring to when I misnamed the movie was the sleeping sickness I have apparently contracted, causing me to lose consciousness at even the mention of a pillow, a warm glass of milk or a big meal.

Shout out to Mary Leigh
I choose to not respond to stupid questions my students ask anymore, preferring to give them the universal "scoot" sign. Move along, little doagies, I haven't got time for the pain.

And another thing
The lipstick on the edge of my coffee cup looks like a gunshot wound.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A long weekend come and gone with nothing significant to report
Except that Big Gray and I rented 1 Night in Paris and I fast forwarded through most of it. Celebrities are boring.

The job search lazily continues, as I lazily continue to go to work. Why can't I know someone on some super good school board that could just promise me a job somewhere fantastic with lowish cost of living and access to good dining and culture (in that order...)
Does such a place exist?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Out of state job application count: 5
Out of state job application towns: 3

I mean fucking business, ya'll.

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