Thursday, December 16, 2004

don't tell anybody...

Today is finals day. Half of my 1st period class failed theirs.
Tomorrow it will be more of the same, but the difference is that when I leave here at 2:30 I won't be back until after the new year.
Ah, la dolce vita!

I thought our dog had thrown up on the floor in the hallway this morning, but it was a dryer sheet.

My emergency break was frozen this morning so I was late to work while I waited for it to thaw.

My socks match my sweater so well that one of my students commented on it.

The only thing good about getting home after dark when you left home before light is that I can gaze at the Christmas tree lights immediately before and after work.

Note to Sally
With you on the Santa hat, girl.

Monday, December 13, 2004

There are a few things that are constant with me
1: I cry at the drop of a hat
2: I assign animate personalities to inanimate objects
3: I am a sucker for small gestures

So last night when Big Gray surprised me with our first REAL Christmas tree (we usually display the shitty fake tree that allowed us to save tree money for gifts, if we had one at all) it satisfied 3 of my most basic needs.

As a child I would tear up when we passed the tree lots on Christmas day and I saw the lonely trees leaning listlessly against the sagging rope rail. I always wondered what was to become of those poor trees: the trees that no one wanted.

Our tree is not perfect. It has a patchy section and is a little spindly. The couple in front of Big Gray at the hardware store were presented with our tree but rejected it. Knowing that tree's fate and my feelings on the matter, BG swiftly purchased it, baled it and headed home.
We dolled it up with lights and ornaments and went outside to see how it looked from the street.

My house smells like pine and feels a little more festive as a result, and I am reminded exactly why, when BG got down on his knee at that Cheap Trick concert, I agreed to marry that foo'.

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