Friday, December 03, 2004

Confidential to the Cashier at Publix
When you told me to 'have a nice day" I did not believe that you meant it.

One of my students was killed in a car accident on Wednesday. I've been a little numb since then. I spent most of my 30 minute commute this morning crying and listening to Brian Eno. I can't really seem to get a handle on it.

Monday, November 29, 2004

I Should've Known
That The Incredibles was directed by the same person that made The Iron Giant. Two stellar movies already from this guy. Thankfully, Incredibles didn't make me weep like Giant--I can't handle that much cuteness. The black and white scenes were fabulous, as well as, the closing credits made to look like a Saul Bass drawing. I loved that it was modern, yet some things were set in the 30's-40's--kind of like an old comic book.

I also watched Sideways last week. It was perfect--the writing, everything. Payne gets better with every movie. God bless Paul Giamatti too.

In music, I got to catch up on "new" releases while driving home. Nick Cave et al. are superb. I can't think of one bad song on their latest album. Heard the Delgados latest--a little disappointed. Some of their songs were now better than your standard indie rock album--maybe a bit more polished. There wasn't anything unique about it. Universal Audio, indeed. It's more commercial friendly, but I never really wanted them to go in that direction.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

3@?-bountains were lovely...
...but I'm glad to be home. I love the holidays and being north where it's actually quite cold and having a little snow flurry on Thursday morning REALLY sets my heart a-thumpin' for Holiday Cheer.

We managed to make it through Thanksgiving without incident and also got to go to a huge flea market in Murphy, NC. All in all I rate it a good trip.

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