Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The end of the semester is near, and hopefully I'll be out of the doldrums soon. Fortunately, none of my professors give exams. These few months have been absolute hell. I can't imagine next semester will be any better. I'm going to be a TA, which I'm excited about, but I have little knowledge on several of the subjects I'll be teaching. I'm sure the students won't care.

Eartha and I will be traveling home tomorrow morning. I haven't taken a cat in a car on any long distance trip. My grandparents did all the time, but their cats traveled remarkably well. The only problem was riding in the back with the aptly named "Snorty." That cat had constant sinus trouble; snot would drip out of his nose at all times. I'm hoping my cat won't mutiny. I got her a really snazzy carrier.

Remember my neighbor/nemesis? I've compared my situation to the movie Single White Female somewhat jokingly, but now I have reason to be concerned. The girl cut her hair similar to mine! It was alot longer. This is too eerie. She's crazy and not getting any less annoying.

I found out this evening that The Office special has been released on DVD. Sweet jeezus, thank you.

I just had my first Holiday Freakout
It involved trying to pack and get all my shit together to leave for the mountains and Big Gray's and my inability to ever put things back in their rightful place.

Daytime television sucks. Isn't Maury Povich married to Connie Chung? How can she look him in the eye?

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and that if you are travelling you have better weather than the tornado we're about to drive through.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Breakup City
Just as in the spring when it seems that every single person I know finds love, here we are in the throws of rainy fall and it seems like everyone is splitsville.
Rest assured, RP readers, that Big Gray and I are not on that long list. BUT, we are on our way to the mountains for Thanksgiving with my family- the scene the trecerous Ronald Regan Blowout of 2001. Can Big Gray hold it together mere weeks after the presidential election? We shall see...

If I had a dream that my parents bought a beach house and the next day they call me and tell me that they purchased a time share in Mazatlan does that mean I'm psychic?

Oh, and I finally updated my fotolog. I don't blame you if you don't even check it anymore, but for those of you interested I promise I'll be better about it...

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