Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ure in Trouble
Can't he just write a new song? I kind of like the old version. I don't know if this will go to number one like he says.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The rumors are true!
Puppies are DAMN cute.
Especially the one that we dog-sat over the weekend.
Needless to say our veteran pooch was none the impressed with our goo-ing and ga-ing, and expressed such with much grumpiness.
Now that the puppy is gone, I have been treated with indifference as I deserve, but did I really deserve that fresh pile of vomit on my newly washed white sheets?

Oh, and the better news is that due to a complete mismanagement of my school district, the whole county is in danger of losing accreditation!
It just keeps getting better folks! Stay tuned to RP for more updates on how life totally sucks sometimes.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

I Will Not Perish
Long time no speak, eh? I figured I'd wait a couple of weeks so that I'd actually have something to say. I honestly have no idea what I did with my time while as a masters student. It seems so easy now. The good news is that I'm the lead writer on an article to be published next year, officially marking the beginning of my life in academia--and they tell me that I should've already started publishing and presenting. Sheesh. The bad news is that my neighbor/nemisis will be working with me. I cannot get rid of her, but I have managed to avoid her while at home.

I attended my first political rally this evening. John Edwards was here. We had to wait longer than his speech, and his speech wasn't anything we hadn't heard before. Even so, I was impassioned by being in the presence of such a supportive and hopeful crowd, with the exception of the four teenage girls talking only about themselves, which candidate was hotter, and that the introducer was "cute for a black man." I needed something positive after seeing Farenheit 9/11 on Friday. The event ended with music by U2 and The Boss. Couldn't have been better. I'm feeling really optimistic right now.

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