Friday, October 01, 2004

I had the doctor appointment this morning. Sorry guys. The cyst will not be lanced. Because it's attached to a nerve in my hand (or something complicated like that), it would be more dangerous to operate than to do nothing. It doesn't hurt, but now I'm constantly annoyed by this bump in my finger.

Hey, celebrate Graham Greene's b'day on the 11th!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sometimes at Night...
I just woke up from my near comatose state--it was the best nap I've had in awhile. Not to mention the fact that I said a variety of expletives at my neighbor.
I did make it back to Tallahassee just fine, but not without a few more odd stories. My father was traveling to Atlanta last night, which was convenient for me because I could turn in my rental car on time and have a place to stay for the evening so that I did not have to wake up a 4 am to drive to the airport from home (excuse the run-on). I dropped off the car and waited for the hotel shuttle to pick me up. The man driving the shuttle immediately started the conversation by saying that he needed glasses. He said he has had trouble seeing, especially at night and when it rains like it was last night. What a way to make me feel safe. He was merging, and said "see, I thought another car was coming, but nothing was there...Everything appears very close." I asked him if he had headaches; he said yes, and I told him he should probably look into glasses (ah, no pun intended). I'm doing this as I pay attention to every move he makes. He noticed my ultra-observant state and teased me. Well, what am I supposed to do when someone tells me they can't see while driving? It was a total Annie Hall moment. We did make it there fine. Thankfully it wasn't more than several miles.
I get to the airport this morning. I've never in my life seen it so busy. They must've canceled nearly every flight yesterday. Even so, I was moving rapidly through the lines until they divided us by families and groups, 1st class, etc. and those who were flying alone (me). Our line was immensely long. You know why? 'Cause they were searching EVERYONE, bags and all. I don't understand why just us. I'm punished because I don't have a kid?
That almost makes me late for the flight. When I get at the gate, I was chosen for a random search! What luck. The attendant takes pity on me and let's me go. Had I looked more suspicious, say foreign, would I not have been let go? Should I be relieved or worried?
Oh, I also had to carry around a Hampton Inn plastic laundry bag full of the few clothes I had. The more aesthetic bag ripped. I must've looked pitiful. No shower, no clean clothes, tired eyes, and a laundry bag.
Anyway, I'm here with my luggage. The cat is fine. Now I've just got to study the entire evening.
Tomorrow, I may have to get a cyst lanced! Details forthcoming, of course.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Creezus Meezus
Probably the most apropos phrase for my life at the moment (thanks for "letting" me borrow it jp!). Mame and Big Gray will probably tell you about the trip to Duluth; I'll let you hear what happened to me on the way back. On Sunday, everyone had left two hours before my plane arrived. I was waiting by myself and discovered that I was really by myself. No one was in line for the plane that was supposedly to board in 15 minutes! I realized that the gates were switched on me in the past hour. The new gate was not my beloved G12, but I made it just fine. I arrived in Atlanta to find that my connecting flight to Tallahassee had been canceled because of the bad weather. In fact, I couldn't get a flight until Tuesday morning. Everyone was manic, but I was still kind of calm. I figured I'd call Big Gray or my parents and we would work something out. Well, this happened to be the day that my cell phone battery completely died. I thought to call collect from a pay phone. That didn't work--everyone's phone number I dialed wouldn't accept collect calls. I don't understand and at this point I was neurotic and extremely tired. So, I thought it would be best to get my luggage. Nope. Couldn't do that. It was lost. They said it was already sent to Tallahassee. Let's hope so. I had no other options but to rent a car. I was thinking I could rent one for one way. Nope. No one does that anymore. Maybe Hertz did, but I wasn't thinking clearly. Fortunately, the Enterprise personnel was wonderful. I was finally in better spirits until I was stuck in a road work traffic jam on I-85 from the airport until the first Peachtree City exit--about 20 minutes of waiting time.
So, I'm home for the moment, but will return to Atlanta and then to Tallahassee tomorrow. I'll have to study for and make up a test and read about 130 pages by Thursday. My schedule is already hectic enough. I don't think I can handle any delays or I'll never get out of this mess.
Good thing I can celebrate the end of the semester in Hong Kong with my nemesis. This has been the best two weeks ever.

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