Thursday, September 23, 2004

Last month FL passed a temporary law to lower gas prices $.08. As soon as September hit, they increased--right when everyone needed gas to escape the hurricanes. Now, it's at $1.95. Jerks.

I found a copy of the new American Music Club on half.com. I can't really compare it to their previous albums, because I've only heard those in passing. Regardless, it's excellent. I think I like it better than any Mark Eitzel solo album, which is saying a lot.

Last night, I went out with classmates, namely the hottie Aussie. I'm convinced that he is perfection. He's incredibly intelligent and equally friendly. We've talked about Elmore Leonard (what little i know), Nick Drake, great movies, traveling, and he's seen Nick Cave walking down the street in Queensland (i think). The best part is that he has a girlfriend! Oh well, it was illogical to think that someone like him would be single. It's still fun to hang out with him.

Monday, September 20, 2004

I hate my job today. It's just one of those days.
Good thing I only have a 3 day work week thanks to a Minnesota wedding this weekend!

It's 4ish and I'm thinking about calling it a day.
Oh, and I forgot!
Happy (late) Birthday to my Dad!
(they were in California living it up so I don't feel TOO terribly bad about the late birthday wish...)

Me and My Big Mouth
My neighbor just announced that she wants to go to Hong Kong too. Good gawd, this is the worst day ever. I'm about to have a panic attack. We've already ordered and received our tickets. Let's hope it's even more expensive and that she doesn't want to fly alone.

It's 66 degrees this morning!! Can you believe it?! Absolutely heavenly. Have I told you how much I love fall, and, more importantly, weather that's below 80 degrees? That's one thing I miss about living in Athens. As Big Gray pointed out, Athens produces some of the best fall folliage.
My trip to Minnesota this weekend will be great--it's in its peak fall folliage. Not to mention, I get to see Mame and Big Gray. I don't know how I'm going to survive the weather, though. I can manage in the 60's, but I've lost all tolerance to seriously cold weather.
Shall I keep a running count of how many times my coworkers will "imitate" a northern accent when I say I'm going to Minnesota? Thus far, at least 10 times.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

All in all I had a productive weekend, and by "productive" I mean that I talked myself out of buying a Peter Cetera record and successfully avoided my new neighbor. This new neighbor situation just gives me the impetus to start searching for a house to buy. She sucks and I also happen to work and go to school with her. I can't just tell her to get out of my life. She reminds me too much of my older stepsister, and that's no good. For example, she listened to me dj the other day. She couldn't say "good show" or something pleasant like that. I get, "it was funny when you made those mistakes." Ha ha. Spending four of the nine hours when we didn't have power was miserable. She tried to make me feel guilty for going to Hong Kong, and inferred that I was weird for liking different music. It's almost to the point where I want to shock her. Maybe she'll realize that we have little in common. It wouldn't be so bad if she was actually nice to me.

Saturday actually was a very productive day, but it's rare that a whole weekend will be like that. Late Saturday night I began to worry about all of the stuff I hadn't done and kept myself awake almost the entire evening/morning. I spent Sunday trying to feel "normal." I miss the days when homework could be done easily the night before it's due.
Anyway, fall is almost here and I can't help but feel great. I always get very nostalgic at this time of the year.

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