Friday, September 17, 2004

hurricane-sick-day update
We spent the day watching tv in our pajamas (Pretty Woman in its entirety) and shopping. Ms. Comrade never made it home and luckily she had a change of clothes in the car 'cause we meant business. She reassured my spending, noting that it was all needed or a huge steal. I'm still in need of wardrobe revitalization for work, but for now I am appeased with new shoes and a new bag. (and some dangly earrings)
...and I'll say it again: viva la hurricane!

Ms. Comrade and I both have the day off due to bad weather so she's over here drinking coffee and looking through all the shit I'm planning selling to the vintage store.
We've both had enough caffeine to jitter our way into a frenzy.
Viva la hurricane!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Good god
This weather. Every time the wind kicks up and the rain pounds harder I panic for a few seconds and wait for the high pitched ringing of the emergency signal warning me to get out the house and down to the bug-infested basement so that I'm not swept away by the tornados.
They say it sounds like a train a-comin'.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Foiled Again?
Even with four hurricanes already this season, Tallahassee has miraculously missed all of them. It looks like Hurricane Ivan won't hit us as predicted, but we should feel tropical storm force winds. Although, I've heard that it was a jet stream from the east that pushed Ivan westward. A supposedly stronger jet stream from the west may now push it eastward. Who knows?! This thing is so slow it's making us all manic. Unfortunately, there's no time now to evacuate if something did drastically change. Fret not. Eartha Cat (kitty's official name) and I have been invited to many safe homes.

I wish hurricanes were anthropomorphic. Hit me with your cuteness!

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