Friday, September 03, 2004

This long, holiday weekend welcomes two of my best friends in to town for a visit! I'm tingling with anticipation. I even cried a little on the way home from work thinking about it.

Today my students referred to "Ghostbusters" (the song) as an "oldie."

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another one bites the dust
Joining the ranks of the two teachers that "resigned" after illicit behavior with a student last year and the one that picked up and left with two weeks to go in the year when she was struck, accidentally, in the head with a soccer ball, Ms. T left mid-day with a big f-you and a so long sucker. We are down one math teacher.

I'm going on record right now and saying that my photo class this year is the best I've ever had. I think I'll start a fotolog with their stuff so I can share. You will be amazed, especially because it is ALL pinhole.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Golden Nugget
I had these two friends, twins, named Mark and Dan when I was in early elementary school. My mother's hatred for them was only temporarily suspended when they rescued my runaway dog and suspended only long enough to take them to Baskin Robbins for a reward. She referred, and still refers, to them as the Tinky Winky Twins- no doubt in honor of thier nasally voices and their propensity for whining.

One afternoon over a bag of Doritos (another reason my mom despised the Tinky Winkies was their collection of junk food, of which I was not allowed to eat) Mark proclaimed that he had found the Golden Nugget- a rumpled ball of Dorito cheese- at the bottom of the bag. I played cool like I knew about the Golden Nugget, as if it were a real thing like a Cracker Jack prize in every bag. I had little experience with Doritos, and had certainly never been given a whole bag to do with whatever I liked.

I've never seen another "Golden Nugget," offering further proof to my mom's theory that the Tinky Winky Twins were full of shit.
Until today.

It was too gross to think about eating, but in the rain on the way home from work today I drove along listening to Nebraska and munching on a poorly planned snack of Doritos and Little Debbies when I found the nugget.
The Tinky Winkies are AVENGED! Although Mark will have to be avenged from prison, according to the last report I heard of my childhood buddies.
Some more interesting facts:
The TW's taught me how to swear
One time they peed in a cup and put it in the refrigerator to see if it would, in fact, turn in to lemonade
I kicked their big sister in the stomach with a clogged foot when she called my brother a "retard"

Upon further review, the TW's were not a wise choice. No wonder my mom was mortified.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I refuse to watch the Republican National Convention.
"Hey, let's prey on America's sentimentality and hold our convention at Ground Zero. I know, let's get the most moderate bunch of Republicans we can find so that we don't alienate the fench-sitters. Make sure to mention to Arnold and Dick not to say anything about their supporting gay marriage."

I'm behind an upset this election year. Please, if there is a non-partisan god, let Kerry win.

Tomorrow is the first day of September. If I can make it to fall break I might chase off that nervous breakdown I've been cultivating for the past 4 weeks. Otherwise you'll find me at the bar that whole week. Who am I kidding? You'll find me at the bar either way...

Sunday, August 29, 2004

I think I'll be inheriting a cat soon. It's all gray, long haired, and female. It's also not named. Any suggestions?

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