Thursday, August 26, 2004

blow one lousy candy machine up when you are 17 and you'll never live it down
This is one for the kids: Big Gray did not get the job at my school because of a pending FBI background check for the above stated offense.
Good going, BG. Couldn't you have glimpsed 12 years in to the future and chosen something more productive to do with your evening?
At any rate, my hopes of having a comrade to help me push my cart around the school have been dashed. My job couldn't be more rad.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

This is the most fucking beautiful thing I've seen all year.

As long as it's not life threatening or terribly unnerving, these days I find myself taking comfort in other people's misery.
It's ok, you can take comfort in mine...

I got a phone survey yesterday sponsored my the campaign for Max Burns asking me my opinions on certain issues like gay marriage and abortion. Obviously I am in support of both being and staying legal, but I even found myself standing up for late term abortion, arguing incidents where the mother's life is in danger. When they asked what I thought was the most important issue facing us in the next election I told them I was primarily concerned with how Laura Bush would be wearing her hair and they hung up on me.
Am I not the people? Do my opinions not count?
They should have known I was not their friend after the gay marriage questions.


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