Friday, August 13, 2004

i quit
2 classes capped out at 35 students each
0 classroom of my own
3 classes I float back and forth from with a cart and 80 pounds of supplies
1 photo class with 15 kids, a darkroom smaller than my mom's walk-in closet and 3 enlargers
0 dollars in the art budget this year

Sound like enough of a challenge? Try 15+ more kids in my photo class because the county said it was too small. Oh, and they aren't photography students. It's a drawing, painting and printmaking class imbedded with my photo kids.
I'll be teaching both.
At the same time.
They come in on Monday, 3 weeks into the school year.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

where ya been?
whew. I need a drink. And a nap.
Today I spent about 2 hours in my dimly lit office (I turn off the flourescents whenever possible) and glued little bits of paper to index cards. It was the best part of my day.
My second favorite part of any day is arguing with 14 year old know-it-alls.
My third favorite part is telling kids I don't need their "tude."

Big Gray is planning on visiting the Agent this weekend, provided the hurricanes don't blow FLA away. I plan to sleep for 48 hours straight. I've already worked 42 hours this week and it's not Friday yet.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Get Into the Groove
After the graduation ceremony (which I must say was quite pleasant as far as graduation ceremonies go), I had to head home--as in Auburn--for my impending dentist appointment. Yep, I turn 25 next week, which means I'm no longer on my mother's insurance. I had to make sure I got my fill of dental procedures. I did: one cleaning and two fillings. The cavities were no fault of mine (well, not from my brushing habits). I have deep grooves; therefore, I'm prone to cavities. Great eh?

I did get some sleep and went to The Village. I don't think it's as bad as the critics proclaim it to be. Is it entertaining? Yes, but a little slow. Could the script have been better? Definitely. If you want people to act without passion, then, yes, William Hurt is your man (don't get me wrong. i still strangely like the guy). Were the surprises shocking? Yes, but I'm still trying to decide whether if it was in a good way. Bryce Dallas Howard reminds me a lot of Claire Danes--I like both. Now isn't that a winning review?

Tomorrow I'm traveling again. This time it's to the Pensacola Naval Base. They supposedly have one of the best juvenile justice programs in the state. We shall see. No time for my post-graduation ennui.

Oh, my father had the cutest dream for a sexagenerian. He dreamed he discovered that Santa did not live at the North Pole; he found him below the ocean.

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