Saturday, July 24, 2004

a metal band of a different kind...
...like the one tightening around my head.
A couple of things:
If I talked to you last night I definitely told you I loved you.
Combinations to avoid- Orange Crush shooters, Miller High Life, vodka gimlets, Steel Reserve, Jack Daniels and Budweiser.
I took my shoes off at a party and then promptly lost one.
On your last Friday night of a nine week bender before going back to work it's important to pull out all the stops.
ps: if I called you last night I apologize for screaming in your ear...

Friday, July 23, 2004

exploding tail: take 2
well, technically the cat's tail is no longer exploding, but following the event he was confined to either the kennel at the vet or our very small bathroom for a little over a week. Now that the doors are open and he's allowed to roam the house again (not outside for at least another week they say) he is not at all interested. He's living in the bathroom. Never again shall I take a shower, or anything else for that matter, without the inquisitive eyes of the Duncan skating over my body.

You haven't lived until you have a 17 pound cat nesting in your bathroom sink...

In other news, Ms. Comrade, Sweet Caroline and I are going to see the G'n'R tribute band "Appetite for Destruction" tonight. I'm hoping that I can squeeze my ass into my tight jeans for the occasion. I'm trying to negotiate whether or not BG will divorce me if I cut up that Run DMC shirt he gave me when we first started dating.
I hope I can find my crimper...

Oh Come On

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Get It Right, Kerry 
In his speech today to the Urban League, he says
"During the 1990s, we saw historic drops in crime, including gang violence. But in the last few years, that has turned around. Just between 2000 and 2002, the number of gang-related murders rose by 40 percent. That means that literally hundreds of lives once full of hope and promise have been lost. The response of this administration has been to cut support for cops on the beat and cut support for efforts to prevent gang violence.
We can do so much better -- better for the communities that are living in fear because of gang violence, and better also for these young people who have a real future if we just reach out to them.
When I am President, we are going to make it a priority to restore safety to communities wracked by violence. Communities and community-based organizations across America have shown us how. First, we're going to send a strong message to young people: the violence must stop, and if it doesn't, police and prosecutors will hold you accountable, period. We're not doing anybody any favors if we let the current rise in gang violence continue. But second, we also need to send young people a strong, clear message that there is another path, and if they are willing to take that path, we will be there with them-with job training, job opportunities, and drug treatment."

Actually, those stats on gang homicides are an eggregious error. Gang homicides and membership have remained relatively stable over 2000 and 2002. I'm not saying that we shouldn't direct our attention towards gang prevention.  There are plenty of gangs, but a 40% increase in homicides is misleading, allowing law enforcement to justify drastic punitive measures.  The federal government has a National Youth Gang Center (my former place of employment). It's purpose is to assess the nation's gang problem--you'd think they'd use its statistics. 
CNN went into more
detail about Kerry's gang prevention/ intervention plan. I don't know how much of it is true, but I'm still worried if he plans to enforce Zero Tolerance. It's not effective. Plus, he's going to make the whole gang accountable for one person's actions? Um, isn't that a violation of civil rights? Atleast he mentions some rehabilitative programs. Oh yeah, so he plans to cut federal contractors, like...the National Youth Gang Center. Let's hope not.

I don't know. After reading this, I'm still convinced that most politicians, liberal and conservative, will always appear to be tough on crime despite the research that proves retribution is not a sufficient way to reduce crime.

Is there any explanation for why my gas tank was nearly empty yesterday and is now close to full? No, I didn't not put gas in my tank and forget. Could the extreme heat affect the needle? An altruistic gas tank marauder around town, perhaps?

I have stuff to do today, but all I reallyy want is to sit around here and surf the net.
I only have a few more days of vacation until it's back to my shitty job. I'm still crossing my fingers that BG will find the PERFECT job at the last minute and I can back away gracefully from my current position. I'm under contract, but I think I can claim pain and suffering and offer to stay on until they find a suitable replacement.

Or I might have to fake a pregnancy. Desperate times call for desperate measures...

Suzanna Sugar, I need some advice on film for my new Polaroid Land Camera. You are the go-to girl.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A little about the Team Clermont Prom...
Prom 2004 (FUTURESHOCK) is coming up and take a look at this line-up:
Friday night, August 7- Eleni Mandell, The Rosebuds, Troubled Hubble, and The Radar Brothers

Saturday night, August 8- Patton motherfucking Oswalt mc's the prom before Tiny Sticks, an ESG cover band, does 80's prom covers all night

I know a few certain someone's who owe the Big Gray-Mame house a visit. Get your asses in the car and come to the prom this year.
To sweeten the pot I'll tell you that Ms. C and I are wearing dresses made entirely out of duct tape.
Wrap your brain around that one...

A little bit late

Yesterday I had written a wonderful synopsis of my time in Disney World. Then, blogger erased it! So, now I'm going over the highlights.

Saturday: Went to Magic Kingdom even though Epcot is my theme park of choice. We didn't have enough time for two parks, nor did we have enough money. Disney's philosophy certainly isn't about having fun anymore. One park costs $50 for FL residents!
Our time was spent waiting in lines in the sweltering heat to go on a ride for 5 minutes at the most. Thank god for the replicas of the Swiss Family Robinson house and Tom Sawyer's Island. The last thing I wanted to have was an opportunity to sit. You couldn't even convince kids that those "rides" are fun. The evening fireworks were no match for the Electric Parade.
I don't mean to complain too much. I have no regrets about going to the Magic Kingdom, but let's just say that my expectations were too high. Tomorrowland still rocked in that outdated kind of way.

Sunday-Wednesday: The conference. Not much to report here, other than I'm pleased with the state of Florida's juvenile justice education programs. The latest challenge is figuring out how to implement No Child Left Behind. Lots of changes to be made, but it's promising.
I nearly cried during the Teacher of the Year award ceremony, but didn't since the recipient wasn't even showing that much emotion and it would've been embarrassing. Their stories were so inspiring. These teachers are given nothing, yet asked to do everything and they're still optimistic.

The evenings: Spent time chatting and sharing a few drinks with my professors.
Best quote of the conference: said by an inebriated program director to my professors, "you're up in that ivory tower. you're covered in plastic. you're covered in plastic." He did this while waving his hands in their face. Needless to say, there's still alot of tension between academics and those who work in the facilities. What this guy didn't consider was that most of my professors have had plenty of experience "in the field."

The rest of my time: I ate my weight in good food, and sat by the pool with the waterfall. It was a bit over-the-top (ha ha! get it?), but I won't argue with staying at a resort when the state pays.

Wednesday: I returned to find that I've been officially accepted into the Ph. d program. It's funny that two years ago I said I'd leave this town once I completed my masters. Now, I'll be here for another 4 years. The "Hassle" will still take time getting used to, but I'm thrilled about continuing my education.

Monday, July 19, 2004


War Begins
(with a "W")

For the first time, I watched the Ali G Show in its entirety and laughed all 30 minutes. Hey, did any of you Jacksonians know he was in your town?

Did anyone find Entourage funny? I'm still waiting for the barrel of laughs I expected.

HBO is in full force! Now, all I need is The Wire to return.

yo jacksonians
If I move there on the fly for a job, will ya'll put me up until I find a place?

Vamos a las montanas!
This weekend was spend in the lovely foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with BG and Ms. C. To start, Ms. C and I went shopping and found all kind of interesting and useless stuff at the 99 cent store. Among other things were temporary tatoos which we proudly sported all weekend around town (mine was a pegasus/unicorn- pegacorn- and hers a ferocious tigress on the prowl...) and fake plastic fingernails that lasted only long enough to get a photo. To the grocery store and back home for the first of MANY of these. (let it be noted that Fannin county does not sell liquor, only beer and wine so we had to truck all the way to the next town for the hard stuff)

It was out to the porch and there we stayed pretty much the whole time. BG showed up around 9 and we played Tequila shot Trivial Pursuit. I passed out on the couch but eventually made it to my bedroom for the best night's sleep ever. (apparently I snored...)

Day two started with a HUGE breakfast, mimosas, coffee and more porch sittin'. At some point we motivated and went to town where we visited the drive-in, shopped antiques (I got a sweet polaroid land camera!) and drank Cheerwine.

Back to the house for more of these before a terrible Mexican dining experience in Ellijay. Ms. C pissed off some country folk by talking to their kid and we got a little more drunk on margaritas than we planned.

After a near death experience driving up the hill to the liquor store we were on our way home for more of the usual. We tried to pick up our TP game but our hearts were not in it.

Next day started much like the one before with big breakfast followed by a lot of porch. Ms. C and I started crying when we thought about leaving. BG headed back for band practice and we sat around for a few more hours before heading to town for one last fix before loading up the dogs, all of our stuff and heading back home.

My future plans: opening a honky tonk in Gilmer County, working at the local pool or professional dog walker.

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