Saturday, July 10, 2004

I had the privilage of seeing Anchorman with the boys from The Flickskinny today. I thought it was funny. Gorjus's critique?
"It's no Dodgeball."
Well put.
(by the way, the Flickskinny website has grotesque over-use of bad web design. I love it. Read the cartoons, if you know what is good for you...)

Friday, July 09, 2004

And...I'm off
In maybe 30 minutes I'm on my way to Orlando/ Disney World. I've somehow justifed bringing my entire wardrobe for only five days. Plus, having a huge suitcase means bring anything you can fit in there regardless of its necessity and the weight it will add. Just so you know, I'll be staying here. It shall be heavenly.
Forget gangs. Studying education and delinquency is where it's at!

Objects of uninterest to anyone but me...
1. I have a mosquito bite on my stomach
2. I'm not sure if stomach/e has an 'e' on the end
3. I would like some eggs
4. Sometimes when people say 'fourteen' I think they are saying 'Courtney'
5. I think I will take a bath instead of a shower today

Poison me in my sleep
We went to see wonderful Murder Beach last night. The crowd was thin, but heckled. The band was maybe a little drunk (or certain members...) but sounded awesome. That is my report.

I had a dream that there was lude activity going on between a teacher I know and some teenagers. That really should have been filed under the first heading.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Chasing our own tails
I don't care what your politics about the war are, you should go see Fahrenheit 9/11. If you are pro-Bush, pro-war you most likely won't be blown away and you'll laugh in all the wrong places. Everyone else will cling to their liberal idealism and clinch their fists in rage every time GW's face comes on screen.
Moore faces a lot of criticism for manipulation of the truth and in some cases he is accused of outright lies.
If this is the case, he's no different than any other politician- except that he has passionate beliefs and he's not afraid to piss people off on a regular basis to stand up for them.
For that, I solute you.

To balance things out, Wayne insisted that my bleeding heart read Thomas Sowell's 'A Conflict of Interest: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles.' I'm only on page 25 and I have some inherent concerns already, but I've promised to give him a chance to explain himself before I give it up.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Have you all not seen Ms. Comrade's semi-new fotolog? It's on my sidebar as "redscare" and it's well worth a look and a comment or two.

I saw the new Spiderman last night. (I wanted to see F 9/11 but BG wasn't in the mood) Does anyone else get irritated by Aunt Mae? And what was up with MJ's chachie astronaut boyfriend?
Besides that and the occasional bad line I loved it. I won't ruin it for the folks that haven't seen it, but I almost wet my pants at the end.
And I laughed my ass off at the Butch Cassidy parody.

Take it to the streets, Athens smokers, the mob has spoken.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry and Edwards! The race is on. I'd still vote for any monkey running against GW but I'm glad it's a NC boy. Raise up, take off your shirt, swing it over your head like a helicopter...

Monday, July 05, 2004

Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.
I think this would be a brilliant present for someone who has an upcoming birthday/graduation.

On a similar note, watch these.

"I'm more Dean Martin than Dean Martin"
Said to me by pal C.L. on our way to a scrumptious southern-style cooking buffet. Is it true that Dean Martin wasn't a drinker? The glass in his hand was merely a prop? JP!, I expect you'll know the truth.

Please tell me that the song I heard in the car was not a) a remix of the Cure's Lovesong or b) a cover of Lovesong.

Mother of god
I'm back. I don't have the energy to talk about my extended weekend so I'll have to share another time, along with all my pictures.
I will say, though, that my cousin has the cutest, sweetest kids I have ever met and now that they are getting a little bit older and not crying as much they are a fucking riot. I painted her 3 year old daughter's nails fire-engine red and put make-up on her every chance I got. I hoola-hooped with her 8 year old son and played SpongeBob Uno. (with EXTRA absorbency!) I snuggled their puppy and ate lots of tomato sandwiches, made many a long distant phone call because I was super homesick (sorry I didn't answer the phone at 5 AM gorjus, but I was all partied out...) and went to an anti-4th of July parade called the Doo Dah.
I need a shower.

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