Friday, May 28, 2004

Blues and the New Revolution
Big Gray still does not have a job and received another gentle rejection letter. Panic has hit our humble home. I'm becoming one of those shitty ladies you see on daytime television talking smack about her out-of-work husband and how she has to pay all the bills. The only difference, you see, is that usually those men aren't fresh out of grad school and their wives are usually gainfully employed someplace that keeps them just above the poverty line. We haven't hit rock bottom yet.

BG's band played a pretty good show last night, despite club sound issues. A local artist about town has become A #1 fan. He used to be obsessed with a friend of mine and she found it incredibly creepy so for Valentine's Day that year I cut out his picture from a newspaper article and fashioned a fancy Valentine out of it for her. She was not amused.

You can never go home again
or can you?... BG is applying for a job in his home town. If we move there I'm going back to school. End of discussion.

The things that make up my nightmares.

Agent Skarsgaard
This morning I burned my arm on the iron an inch below where I burned myself several months ago. I proceeded to stub my toe on a chair and hit the corner of a wall as I walked "past" it. Honestly, I don't know how I've lived without broken bones. My family is notoriously klutzy.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I cannot believe this. Brilliant. Gang problem solved. I'm sure leaving a family homeless will create the best of circumstances for the children. Poverty, schmoverty. Who said that was ever criminogenic? What about the shooters? Let's not stop them.

The Uniform Crime Reports just released a preliminary analysis. Check out your city for funzies! Don't be fooled by Ashcroft, though. He's attributed the decrease in crime to the increase in prisons, but 1) a 3.2% decrease is nothing to brag about considering the U.S. still has one of the highest rates of violence and we've exhausted our budgets building prisons 2)UCR data is not too reliable, depending on the offense 3)this is just one year. I wouldn't say much until we have a significant decrease over several years.

I found this on the FBI site too: "BOLO--that's BuSpeak for Be On The Lookout." Please don't re-elect our President.

On Monday, I announced my resignation at my current job. Although they've treated me very well, I have been offered a new job doing research on educational intervention and prevention programs for juvenile delinquents. It's affiliated with the school, which means a full tuition waiver while I'm working on my Ph.d.! It's also my area of interest; so, it was in my best interests to accept the position.

After djing this morning, I entered my car to find a flyer of a naked women with her legs spread (shaved too!) directly in my face. Yes, it was genius to attach it to my windshield wiper, face down, in front of the driver's seat. Thanks to the lovely person who just had to advertise his/her porn site and thoroughly mortify me.

I'm off to the beach tomorrow!

Brave new world
I have been feeling really sorry for myself lately. Between fruitless job hunts, best friends moving away, money stresses, unexpected pet surgeries and general ennui I have diagnosed my Behavior as a Sorry Sack of Shit.

I'm going to run with it for a while. I do like all the naps and it gives me an excuse to drink before noon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

the kids are alright...
but Pete Townsend is dreamy.

Big Gray and I are watching a documentary on The Who and I am now officially in love with PT. Take that, Rodger!

Blogger has been cranky with me recently so I'm not sure if this will even show up or if you'll be able to read it.

Our beloved dog, subject of many Mame fotolog postings, underwent emergency surgery yesterday. He's fine now but is having to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Those of you with pets understand my trauma. We'll have to have a benefit concert to pay (or repay...) the costs of his medical bills...

I lost both of my paternal grandparents in a matter of months this year. As I was cleaning out my email address book yesterday I hesitated on their names. My grandmother would send me these cryptic emails without any puncuation or structure as if she were paying by the line and letter. I loved them. I didn't erase their names.
After my friend Peter died, it took me 4 years to stop transferring his contact information to new address books. It's just not that easy to let go.

Monday, May 24, 2004

My dog's tummy is making the most unbelievable noises. If I drew you a picture it would look like a Kandinsky painting.

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to Loathin' High, but only for a couple of months. Those of you who know my struggle know that I'm not happy about having to go back. Alas, Big Gray still does not have a job and we can't rightly both be unemployed. Just call me Truvy.

v+ is in town so maybe we'll have the pleasure of his company tonight...

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Suzanna, I've been looking at your fotolog as usual. Are you leaving SoCal? (re: things you'll miss, others you won't...)

A dream come true...almost
PEM and AW just left for NYC. I've spent the last hour half crying, half laughing and singing whilst Big Gray and Ms. C work out their sing along to REO Speedwagon's "Take it on the Run". I'm glad I have people like them to get me through rough times like these.

That being said, I may be out of the loop for a few days while I get a handle on my crippling depression.

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