Saturday, May 15, 2004

ConGRADulations gorjus
I'm so proud of my lovely friend gorj for finishing law school and for all of the amazing things that he'll do in his life. I love you so much, gorjus.

As we speak...
Ms. Comrade and Big Gray are doing painful renditions of Total Eclipse of the Heart; BG on piano, both singing. I'm in here faithfully reporting after many, many drinks and tool much honesty tonight.
I love those guys

Friday, May 14, 2004

Hot Off the Press
I'm sure that none of you will care to read a 30 page report on the statistics of using life imprisonment, but I'll put it up anyway. It's great research and highly enlightening.
To entice you: "The number of lifers in prison rose by 83% from 69,845 in 1992 to 127,677 in 2003."
"The increase in prison time for lifers is a result of changes in state policy and not continuous increases in violent crime."

On The Up and Up
I have low cholesterol levels!

That impending good news I refered to last week...well it's arrived. Most of you have no idea what I'm speaking of, but I can assure you that this is excellent professionally. More details next week.

Destroyer is playing tomorrow night. Dan Bejar in T-town and in my viscinity. Yep. It's gonna be great.

The Pepsi Challenge
I don't think I'd pass. I had a Coke yesterday, but it tasted like Pepsi--or how I think Pepsi should taste. Probably too much sugar in the fountain machine.

Look at the time of my posting, Bloggers. Yes, I'm home early.
The water was off at school, yet it took them until 12:30 to set us free. Do you KNOW how hard it is to teach art without water, nevermind how disgusting I felt not being able to flush the toilet OR wash my hands.
Thank god it's Friday.
It was total pandemonium once they announced we were leaving early. I had absolutely no control and I just didn't care. Those kids are so starved for individuality that given permission to use their cell phones during school hours resulted in a spectacle to rival this summer's blockbuster epics.
Fucking insane.

Ms. C is staying here all weekend whilst her bathroom is renovated. I better go pick up all the bottles and cans out of the living room or else where will we put all the bottles and cans we generate?

Last night at 3:30 I awoke to the sound of the shower running and Big Gray not in bed. When I knocked on the door it was flung open by a very angry, yelly BG who explained that he just thought he'd take a shower because he was "feeling a little dirty."
I went back to bed and let him sort that one out on his own...

See ya suckers! (I'm feeling very mean right now, it's not personal)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I just watched Kill Bill v 1 finally. Now I'm ready for the second!
Consider me officially obsessed.

Well, it's official. I mailed my application to Jax public schools today along with my resume. Let's just wait and see, shall we?

I'm going to get wine drunk and go to bed early.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I love Blogger's new look!

I'm feverishly applying for new jobs. It's an exhausting process, especially since half of the applications I sending out are out of state. I'm not even sure where to start with those.

7 more days...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

8 more days!

Something Wicked This Way Comes
I watched an eagle or hawk (or some predator bird) stand on its prey (a smaller bird) while eating it in a campus parking deck. Is that a portentous sign or what?

Monday, May 10, 2004

What is it that makes you wide awake at 5 in the morning but fall fast asleep again 10 minutes before you have to wake up?

I witnessed a student unabashedly tell another one to "fuck off" in front of the entire class. I was dumbfounded and everyone was looking at me to make the next move, which I could not. The Profane Student stormed out of the classroom, punching the door open and the best I could muster was "well, as long as he's not in here, he can't punch you!"
The rest of the class period was, well, tense.

We had a great weekend. Big Gray is finally a graduated masters student and I'm thrilled, albeit a little disappointed by the turnout at the party that I toiled over. We have a ton of leftover beer, partially due to the fact that I made whiskey and lemonade that slowly got everyone dangerously drunk.

Mother's Day was in ATL. I made donations to breast cancer research in both my mother's and my grandmother's names instead of giving presents. It may be the best present I've ever given my mom. By far one of the best received.

Back to work today, but for only a couple of more weeks. I'm still looking for a new job, but prospects are grim.

I need some sunshine in my life...

Cocoon 2--The Return
Why was this movie made? The plot was poorly developed. Most of the characters stayed on Earth, which defeats the purpose of the first.

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