Friday, May 07, 2004

Watched Kill Bill 2 last night. It's my favorite, favorite movie of the year, thus far. Who wouldn't like film noir + western + kung fu? Saw the Shall We Dance preview. We've discussed this on Catoptric, but I'm still baffled by the reasoning to remake the original that's only 6 or so years old. It's exactly the same as the original--every scene. Stanley Tucci even plays the goofy guy with the toupee. What's the point?

I'm all packed for my short vacation to Athens. Leaving directly after work is a first for me. Typically, I don't pack until 30 minutes after I intended to leave. I even have my music ready, which is unnecessary considering one hour into my trip I'll inexplicably get sick of everything I own. I turn to the radio in my moment of despair, and before I know it I'm singing to Peter Ceterra, Steve Windwood or something adult contemporary like that. It keeps me awake.
See you guys around 7.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I'm hoping the trip to Athens this weekend will cure my overall malaise, BUT I can say that I might have good news on Friday.

The new In the Fishtank series with the Black Heart Procession and Solbakken is amazing; the latest Glen Branca reissue is too.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I'm stalled. I've been working in the yard intermitently as the rain starts and stops, preparing for BG's big party next week. Will someone please volunteer to come and help me?

I took tickets, Ms. C counted King/Queen votes, my kids looked awesome and so grown up, no one got kicked out for being drunk, although some were suspiciously huggy with me ("I got lots of love for [Ms. Mame]" and "I love you [Ms. Mame]"), I told one to "lay off the punch" and we had a generally good night.
And then we saw the dancing...
Let me paint you a picture:
No one faced each other. They are all back to butt- girls and guys or girl on girl action but no guy on guy. Then they hump. That's about it. Ms. C and I watched these two girls with skirts lifted bump and grind while their boyfriends numbly looked on and sipped thier punch. A bunch of white kids oscillating between dancing to booty rap and new country. I had a few requests for a dance, but I politely declined for fear of losing my teaching credentials and ruining any opportunity that Big Gray ever has for political office.

Now for the Senior Walk:
Did you have this? They line up all the graduating seniors with their dates and announce them like a deb ball. Not so exciting. Until someone got proposed to. WTF? My favorite student put it best, "That girl's mom needs to slap her face."
Best Prom ever.

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