Friday, April 23, 2004

For Ms.Comrade, who shares my love for Mike Leigh (but anyone can read it)
Approximately a year ago, I posted that Mike Leigh directed a commercial promoting the safety of seat belts. I said something like "Is he going to send us all into a state of despair and self-loathing?" I was close. I mentioned the commercial to someone, and he says he thinks he watched it. Here's the synopsis: a man leaving for work says goodbye to his newborn and wife. He gets into his car without putting a seat belt on, backs out of the driveway and is hit by an oncoming car. Dies. I'm sure there was some voice over, but I think you get the point. Yep, the MOST depressing commercial EVER. Apparently, it was pulled shortly after.

"If I were President, there would only be America."
-student on the war in Iraq and his solution to international conflict

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Get this filth off of me!
I was just porn i.m.ed

Freedom fighters
Posted on the door of a fellow teacher's classroom were some 8x10 digital prints of his reserve group in Iraq, standing in a formation that from the air read "9-11 We Remember."
What they apparently forgot was that Saddam Hussein was not, last time I checked, credited with the attacks on the US on 9-11.
There was also a poorly written poem about protecting American freedom. Humph.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Wiz
Take note of this day. I just used the SAS statistical program successfully. This whole semester it's given me hell, but, miraculously, today was not one of those days. Typically, researchers in my field use SPSS, which is denounced by SAS users as a "point and click" program. Who cares? I still don't see the benefits of SAS. Give me a mouse any day over syntax and writing code. I almost started crying when I didn't get an error message. So, if all went well, my analysis should show that African American women in Florida are disproportionately given harsher sentences for drug offenses even when taking into account offense severity and various other factors. Let's pray for racism!

I took a bath (with bubbles!) and listened to Puccini selections at top volume. I get really jazzed (no pun intended, well maybe a little) about opera. Big Gray doesn't love it, so when he leaves the house I blast it. Sort of like how he has to wait until I leave to play his Rush records.

I wish I never had to go back to work.

Jax 2004 online!
Hey! I'm unable to read or post any comments on fotolog here on my Mac and my school internet blocks anything with substance, so if you have any comments in my fotolog guestbook that I don't respond to, I'm not just snubbing you. Even the little people count on my rise to fame and glory.

Fire therapy
It's decided: the only solution is to gather up my animals, my purses and best shoes and take a match to our house. It's the only way it has a chance. I've never seen clutter like this and if I could find MY FUCKING CAMERA CABLE I would take a picture of it to share. It's always next to the computer...the computer that Big Gray has been unplugging and toting into the living room so that he can watch TV while writing his papers.
Big Gray, where is my cable???

I've had inquiries about my neglected fotolog. I can't find the cable that connects my camera to the computer but as soon as I do I will post:
pictures of our trip to Mississippi
the same old tripe

The Sound of Settling
Laziness prevails and we win again. Within a matter of minutes and a matter of 3 beers Ms. C, Big Gray and I all got tickets, free, for a sold out Death Cab for Cutie/Ben Kweller/Pedro the Lion show.
Athens: 3
Everywhere else: 0

But we were foiled, as were were obviously way too old to be at that show. Big Gray couldn't stop freaking out about the "indie-rock sorority girls" to his right and Ms. C exclaimed at one point that she was having a nervous breakdown and I complained about the heat, oh, 974 times. Charming on stage, but always a little too close to the ballad rock, Death Cab is better at top volume on my stereo than with me floating in a sea of post ironic punk and those ugly as hell mini skirts circa 1987 that everyone wears on the OC and apparently 18 year old wear in real life now.

I'll say it again, it's been a really old year for me...

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I come from a long line of people who insist on getting their own way.
(by long line I'm really just referring to my dad and myself...)

Sometimes this makes me act irrationally. It usually involves tears.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down
Student: "Are you trying to tell me that you hate it?"
Me: "I'm trying to tell you that I don't love it, but I'm willing to wait and see how it pans out."

Now that's good teaching...

How do you take acting seriously when you have to say a line like "We both know that Marlena's been possessed?"

Sunday, April 18, 2004

5 more weeks of school. I find myself getting more and more disgruntled and caring less and less. This is not how I ever wanted to be...

Tide distribution
I just listened to a Venice is Sinking recording from WUOG Live in the Lobby. Those of you who have been fans of BG and his various sundry musical endeavors in the past should really hear this. I'll warn you, there is one song that is such a Cure rip off that they either need to blend it seamlessly with Love Song or stop playing it all together. It's not BG's favorite, but his younger cohorts all love it. You be the judge. Who wants one?

Domestic Terrorism
It's 12:30 and I've got a paper to work on, but what I'm most concerned about are the germs in my kitchen. Thanks to a discussion I had with Big Gray the other evening about an episode of Oprah, I'm worried that I could get sick from a slightly (or so I think) dirty kitchen. Then I'm told elsewhere that certain viruses are immune to our drugs, because of excessive disenfectants, medications, etc. we've created (which is probably a greater concern). Oprah and the local news are singlehandedly causing a great deal of unnecessary fear in this nation. Oprah has atleast one show a week about something we should be greatly concerned about (i.e. fires at gas stations caused by the static electricity in your fingers or the layer of germs in your sink). Sure, it's something to be aware of, but there are worse things in life. You know...if Oprah really has a penchant for making us afraid, why doesn't she talk about real issues like corporate negligence or lax enforcement of environmental laws?

A Dream Come True
YMSP 82 report back if you know of this.

Swooner's Crooner
Mark Kozelek: Comic Genius? His selections this evening weren't as good as the first time I saw him perform, but only because he chose to play several medleys. Although, I almost wet my pants after hearing Katy Song and Summer Dress. I've never pictured/seen him so affable. He poked fun at Modest Mouse, complained that there weren't any internet cafes in town, and told the audience he had "special" selections for us, thus, attempted to play Dueling Banjos (I know that the inbred southerners jokes aren't funny anymore, but they're unexpected coming from Kozelek).
You know...I've said this before, but I'm consistently amazed at the shows our campus club gets. The bands are comparable to Athens' selection. They're all free too!

P.S. BG, the trot walk was packed as I drove by. We're going when you come to visit!

My apartment inexplicably smells like turpentine. Should I be worried?

I'm retroactively reading some comments made on the Agent's postings. I might be having one of those mind blowing moments so be patient, but those of you who don't know how fucking righteous my sister-in-law is, you need schooling.

Agent: you are super rad and I love you.

things I love: april 18, 2004
high heels
new Wilco
vodka gimlet(s), straight

That is my report.

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