Saturday, April 03, 2004

The curse of knowing
Sometime last week Big Gray and I were talking about Tequila and how is it that south of the border they can drink it like water and up here it's the start of every Girls Gone Wild episode in every college town everywhere?
His answer: That down south they sip it, not slug it like we do in the states for quick drunk.
Those words rang through my head last night as I started off Spring Break 2004 with a bang and, not taking his advice, slugged monster shots of chilled Pedron, told a good friend that he looked "ridiculous" with pierced ears, gave my number (and Ms. Comrade's) to some musician we met at the bar, sang Journey at the top of my lungs, told a bartender that he didn't "have to be so rude", and generally got more drunk than a girl like me has any business being.
Next stop, Jackson, MS!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Worst Malapropism Ever
"It's getting hot out hurrrr!," stated on the sign for an autoshop/car dealership. Is that the southern version?

Also seen on this excursion: a guy in the passenger seat of a tour bus strumming a guitar. Aerosmith and Cheap Trick are playing this evening (I think). Perhaps it was Rick Nielsen!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Count Me In
Have you seen the new lineup for Lollapalooza '04?! This time around I might have a greater awareness and appreciation of the bands. One of the biggest concert mistakes I've ever made: making fun of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Lollapalooza '94.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Alright. I admit it. I watch a lot of bad movies. I just finished What A Girl Wants. Thank god that's off the list--the netflix movie I've had for 2 months couldn't possibly take precedence. I never can resist a good transformation movie/montage. It was a nice juxtaposition to the article I was reading, regarding women drug offenders. The War on Drugs has been most detrimental to women, minority women in particular. "In 1997, Latinas (44%) and African American women (39%) were more likely to be incarcerated for a drug offense than white women (23%) (BJS stats)." In addition to unfairly applied drug policies, persons convicted of a drug offense aren't eligible for welfare after he/she completes her sentence. In 1996, this affected 92,000 women. With no financial assistance to support children what do you think they do? Start selling drugs again. I love the U.S.

The rur-nation of education
Standardized tests are bullshit, as is the "No Child Left Behind" movement. I challenge you to disagree with me.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Losin' it 2 Electric Boogaloo
I spent 4+ hours total in all libraries (main, science, law) yesterday. Am I always a victim of missing journals, articles, and books? On several occasions, the certain journal just stopped at, say, 1992. Of course, I needed the latest one. Isn't it usually the case that the older issues are more difficult to find?
Anywho, some of the articles can be found on-line, and you can send them to yourself through email. Most forms only require your address, but some leave a space for a message. A message? I suppose it's useful if you're sending it to a friend. I kept laughing at the thought of writing to myself. "Hey Agent, I think this article pertains to your research. Keep up the good work," or something like that. Obviously, I was delirious at that point.

Losing it
1. I told one of my favorite kids today that his hickie was trashy

2. I told one of my least favorites that if he didn't stop annoying me I was going to put a gun to my head

3. I told a group of students that I needed medication and spent the next 40 seconds making sounds like a car alarm

4. I told a substitute teacher to shut up

5. I turned down cake (the sugary grocery store kind) in order to get the fuck out of that place 3 minutes sooner

Life lite
I had a fucking great weekend. The weather is perfect and Saturday we ate outside and drank beer, had dinner with my favorite people on Sunday, went shopping and drove everywhere with the top down. Life is so good sometimes.

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