Saturday, March 27, 2004

Object of note:
Today is my brother's 31st birthday. I sent him an e-card with singing pigs who I laughed at for about 5 minutes before I clicked 'send'.

I sold my Honda today. Cash in pocket, tomorrow I will head out to buy myself some much needed spring clothes.

Big Gray is DJing a wedding tonight. Looks like someone else will have some cash in pocket tomorrow.

I signed my contract to return to my job next year, but was told "off the record" by an administrator that I have until June 1 to back out.

I took my dog on a 3 mile walk today and I'm lucky his little heart didn't explode by the time we got home.

One more week of school until I'm off for spring break 2004- Jackson!

5 Year Plan
Graduate this summer. Practice playing the trumpet again. Find mariachi band. I could be a criminologist by day, and mariachi player by night. It's possible. Nevermind the fact that I haven't played trumpet in two years, despite my continuous marching band dreams. This is how I felt the last time I saw Calexico, and tonight was no exception. Those trumpet players are so damn inspiring. The whole band was incredible, and, as if I wasn't already entranced, they covered Love's Alone Again Or--it was perfect and so fitting. Those of you within proximity to Atlanta would be fools to miss this show.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Not too photogenic
I know this is a serious and important story, but I can't get past this woman's picture without laughing.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Degrees For Sale
If I get another one of those emails...Although, I'm tempted to buy one because of the day I've had. I met with my major professor. I tell him about the literature I've found for my thesis--that I've been researching for 2 months--he says that's not really the direction he wanted me to take. Huh? Eh? That's NOT what he said two months ago. My efforts aren't a complete waste, but you can imagine how frustrated I am. Then he asked me if I submitted anything for an upcoming conference. Nope. Didn't know I had to and didn't know I missed the deadline. I have/do take initiative, but I don't read minds! Graduate students need guidance too. Apparently, this would've been a great way to start my career and make connections. Well, considering I'm 24 I think I can miss one conference.

On a side note, one of the cases I witnessed during my internship involved a women selling fradulent degrees. They were clearly fake, and, yes, the people who were fooled should've known better. I still felt so awful for one excited mother who had bought her whole family degrees. She couldn't afford much, but spent hundreds of dollars on these degrees. She'll probably never receive any compensation.

I feel terrorized by my neighbor's live-in boyfriend. He seems to have a hot temper, is always washing his car and yells a lot. He also likes to find things to complain about regarding our house, our pets, where we park our cars, etc.
For instance, we were going out of town once and he saw us packing the car and promptly told us that we couldn't leave our other car parked in the street. Nevermind the piece of shit that's parked across the street and has been there since we moved in 3 years ago and has had a flat tire for most of that 3 years. That doesn't seem to bother him. Just us.
My intolerance of his attitude is blossoming into hatred.

On strike
I have not, for a couple of weeks now, been able to view my f/f updates or guestbook, nor have I been able to view anyone else's guestbook, comment, or see their f/f on fotolog. Is anyone else experiencing this?
I am not posting anything new until this is addressed...

On a much shittier note: I came home to see a notice that I have a "junked" vehicle in my driveway. I beg your pardon! My Honda is not junked. Operative, although flawed and on all 4 tires is not my idea of junked. So what if I can't find someone to buy a 14 year old car with anywhere from 400-800 dollars worth of work needed. I resent the city calling it junk. Ready to tear some city worker a new one, I called the number only to get the sweet as pie receptionist who sounded sympathetic to my plight. I just couldn't cuss out a nice old lady. That is below even me.

Today I told a student that his liberal use of the word 'faggot' was no less offensive to me than if he were referring to black people as 'niggers'. These types of culturally enriching conversations are lost on those that don't have any more problem using the word 'nigger' than they do 'faggot'.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Instant Gratification
New Order Technique. Works every time.

I don't know if anyone watches Real Time with Bill Maher, but he told this joke on Friday that had me in tears: he proposed giving gift bags as voting incentives. Of the many contents, Republicans would receive a John Deere trucker's hat. Democrats would receive the same, because it's ironic. I'm smitten with that show. Too bad it's on hiatus until July.

The Six Feet Under previews have me just as excited as a full hour of The Sopranos.

I don't know how I feel about Deadwood. I almost dismissed Six Feet Under after it's first episode, but now it's my favorite show. I certainly don't need to watch more t.v.

Lush Life
My dad and stepmom made a short visit to Tallahassee this weekend. Is it embarrassing to realize that your parents drink more than you do--that they by beer for your non-alcoholic refrigerator? It's not that I'm opposed to drinking; I just don't buy beer for myself. Before dinner even started, my dad was asking what kind of liquor I had at the house. So, I made gimlets and a modified white russian (sans vodka). My dad suggested that I replace the vodka with gin, but I advised against it. Regardless, he wanted Kahlua and gin together. After tasting it, he said I was on to something (it was disgusting, shhh).

*Disclaimer: In no way do I think my parents are lushes. I am exaggerating a bit.

Last night we watched Runaway Jury, because my father will invariably like a John Grisham novel-turned-movie or anything Grisham-esque. I have to admit that it was quite entertaining.

This morning we had a great brunch.

Now it's time for me to study. I'm dreading spending the afternoon in my apartment when it's 80 degrees outside, and I found out yesterday that my air conditioning isn't working.
I officially put up my fall/winter wardrobe yesterday. Without fail, I looked at the spring/summer clothes and wondered a) where did they go? b)why did I ever wear that?

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