Thursday, March 18, 2004

At the checkout
2 boxes of Duncan Hines extra moist (with one cup of pudding!) yellow cake mix
2 cans of frosting- one chocolate and one strawberry
1/2 dozen eggs
1 freshly made tray of vegetarian sushi (combo)
1 Real Simple magazine
1 bottle of white wine

It's going to be a great night...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

That Lab Coat Doesn't Fool Me
The women that work at Clinique counters know nothing about makeup.

Killing Me Slowly
I watched Killing Zoe last week for the first time. I remember that it was a favorite amongst the indie crowd, but I honestly don't see why. Is it because it's "trippy?" Must all movies featuring a drug-induced, maniacal murderer(s) get declared artsy and amazing? How about boring? Furthermore, where does Zoe fit in this story? So, she slept with Stoltz, coincidentally worked at the bank they were robbing, lied for Stoltz in the end, and that's it? Did I fall asleep during the plot? If you're interested in botched robberies or killing sprees, I'd go for the more subdued yet sublime Dog Day Afternoon or Badlands.

Being an omnivore is soo passe
Do I really have to call myself a flexitarian? Really? I rank that name up there with "tofurkey."

Tanaka eats sushi in Tokyo
One of my (better, more interesting) students emailed this to me. Lesson 1 is good, but Lesson 2 left me in hysterics.

Most of the buttons on my portable phone have stopped working. I was just thinking, before the phone rang and I was unable to answer it, about cancelling our ground line (now that BG has a cell phone) and saving the extra money.
I think it's a sign...

Do any of you married folk out there have some advice per taxes and the advantages of filing married/separately or married/jointly?

I went to bed at 6:30pm last night and slept straight on 'til morning. I wonder how long I can keep this up.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Violently unhappy
I may or may not have started crying today at work. Twice.

Topsy Turvy
So, Blink 182's new single...it's incredibly catchy.

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