Saturday, February 28, 2004

Wide Awake in America
My agenda this evening was to take a much needed nap, and work on school stuff (I know, it's an evening we all dream about). Instead I made a mix cd, and it's unbelievably good. However, I'm still deliriously tired, and I just caught myself acting out the lyrics to The Smith's Panic. Should I admit this? I'm now one of those people I cannot tolerate.

Friday, February 27, 2004

9am to Noon
--Revisited Polvo's Exploded Drawing while driving to campus. Concluded that I made an excellent choice in music selection. What a fantastic album.

--In class, we discussed a study conducted by two of my professors that compared indeterminate to determinate sentencing. They found that under the 85% law in FL(must serve a minimum of 85% of your sentence), offenders were the least likely to recidivate. Although more research needs to be done (always the case), this supports the conservative agenda towards more determinate sentencing and will upset many liberals who have critiqued the "get tough" stance. Even so, this doesn't mean that other policies contributing to our mass imprisonment are entirely effective. I wonder what would happen if offenders were required to serve 100% of their sentence. I forsee it being counterproductive, considering the more time you're in prison the more difficult it will be to readjust.

--My Taco Bell bean burrito tasted buttery, which was unexpected and unwelcomed.

--Finalized my Oscar predictions, and here they are:
Actor: Bill Murray
Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins
Actress: Charlize Theron
Supporting Actress: Renee Zellweger
Animated Feature Film: Finding Nemo
Foreign Film: The Barbarian Invasions
Makeup: LOTR
Music (score): Big Fish
Music (song): You will be my ain true love--Cold Mountain
Picture: LOTR
Art Direction: Master and Commander
Cinematography: City of God
Costume Design: LOTR
Directing: Peter Jackson
Documentary Feature: Capturing the Friedman's
Doc. Short: chernobyl heart
Film editing: LOTR
Short film (animated): gone nutty
Short film (live): the red jacket
sound: LOTR
Sound editing: Master and Commander
Visual effects: LOTR
Writing (adapted): Mystic River
Writing (original): Lost in Translation

I don't necessarily agree with these, but this is how I think the Academy will choose. Last year was a disaster. My predictions were waaay off. I don't know how that happened. Too many good movies impaired a neutral stance, I suppose. I'm more confident this year. Of course, I'm very unsure about my choice for Best Actor, documentary, and art direction. Sean Penn has a lot of support, and he's definitely worthy of the award. Bill Murray must receive it, though. Friedman's has a touchy subject matter (ha! get it?), which may affect decisions. However, the only other strong contender for best documentary is Errol Morris, and I just don't think Fog of War has had enough press. Girl with a Pearl Earring could be the art direction upset.

Are you ready BG?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Pushing 30
Everyone goes through that time when they can no longer deny their place in adult society. I'm married, own a house, own a car, have plenty of tupperware and dishes to entertain. But once in a while you need something to remind you that you are still young, living moment to moment, able to be the same carefree kid you were in college. You need something to validate your youth, to cancel out the online banking and steady paycheck allowed by steady work. This symbol of a better time can manifest itself in many ways. For me, at this moment, it materialized as a roll of paper towels acting as toilet paper on the floor of our bathroom.
We've still got it.

I've added two new links: Petty cash and the prowlers and a long overdue link to Suzanna's fotolog. Enjoy!

There is snow on the ground in the ATH. Check out duplex fotolog for some good pics. I'm on my 4th nap for the day since school was cancelled and BG is off playing video games.
They say it'll freeze again tonight, making the roads even MORE trecerous than today!
4 day weekend. That's what the fuck I'm talking about.

The best part is, Saturday is supposed to be sunny and 60. I love the tempermental South!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Note the sarcasm...
The only thing more rad than Bush backing the ban on gay marriage is having to listen to my closed-minded little homophobes talk about it today.

Oh, and a co-worker said this to me also: "Well, what we did to the slaves was bad, but the silver lining is that their ancestors wouldn't have had the same opportunities had they not been brought over here."
Bad?The silver lining?! By that rationale you could argue that Jews, homosexuals and gypsies owe it to the Germans for helping control the population density in Eastern Europe and giving them a better life by forcing them to seek refuge in our great land.
This conversation sprang from her confusion as to why there was a separate distinction for Black, Asian, Polynesian, Native Alaskan or Latino but not a bubble for "Polish".
My response: "Because Poles are just white."

Get 'em while they're young
Apparently, we're now "smart on crime," as opposed to being "tough on crime."
This proves otherwise. It's frightening to hear so many people convinced that trying juveniles as adults will set these kids straight. Prison surely won't embitter and "harden" a 16yr old. Furthermore, treatment by itself may not contribute to an offender's ultimate desistance from crime (but that's a different discussion). I love it that a gang member could get 10yrs for recruiting members. Problem #1: 10 yrs? Are you serious? Problem #2 See any civil rights violations in this legislation?

For the overzealous, here's the actual bill.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

The last episode of Sex and the City:
Went off like a rocket.

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