Saturday, December 27, 2003

My only thoughts lately
CNN reported that Hootie and the Blowfish endorsed Wes Clark. I'm sure that'll do wonders for his campaign, since they haven't had a hit in YEARS. Furthermore, why is this news?

Why does it cost $3.77 to rent a new release at Blockbuster?

I watched World Idol, and was glad to see that some of the other contestants were just as horrible as Kelly Clarkston. However, a few dared to deviate from the norm, singing U2's Beautiful Day and Nirvana's Lithium. The one that sang U2 (Norway, I think) received praise, while Nirvana did not. They said he did not belong in these Idol contests, admitting to being formulaic and not willing to accommodate those who cannot not sing with excessive vibrato. Interesting. The people loved him though.

I've been reading one of Mame and BG's presents to me: A Confederacy of Silence. I LOVE it. I haven't reached the murder trial yet, but the writing is so exquisite I'll be there in no time. More on this later.

Something's Gotta Give--funny for the most part. I would've left out a few things in the end. Soundtrack is pretty good.
Return of the King--well, I've seen it twice and thought I should take a break. However, after seeing a preview I felt the need to see it again. I could've gone today, but I refrained. Maybe I'll give myself a week to recuperate. I love it that much.
Elf--excellent. Very clever and adorable.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Without Big Gray, I would know little to nothing about the Justice League.
Without Big Gray, my record collection would be much, much slimmer.
Without Big Gray, I would have many fewer socks strewn about the house.
Without Big Gray, who would get my a glass of water after I've had a nightmare?
Who would explain middle eastern policy in terms I could understand?
Who else knows, off hand, details about the Persian wars?
Who would be my phone-a-friend?
Who would tolerate me and my girlfriends dancing drunk around the living room to the Hair soundtrack? (more than once?)
Who would give me grief about not eating leftovers?
Who would keep my moral conscious in tact?
Who would listen to the Rolling Stones at top volume or Darkness on the Edge of Town over and over and over with me?
Who else would let me have 75% of the total closet space?
Who else would spend his Sunday cleaning the house while I type this?
Without Big Gray, would I really consider myself the luckiest gal in town?
Probably not.
Happy Anniversary.
I love Big Gray!

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