Saturday, December 20, 2003

School's out, let the parties begin
So far the parties include Big Gray and me wrestling with the Christmas tree and being annoyed with each other(an old Mame family Christmas tradition), discovering that the lights no longer work destroying my bedroom in order to wrap presents (see Mame fotolog) and gorging myself on a plate of homemade goodies one of my student's moms brought me yesterday.

I love this time of year. I like to wear silly hats (again, see fotolog) and slipper socks and drink spiced rum.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Destined to lead a life in crime
Well, the third member of my thesis (area paper, actually) committee just confirmed his spot. Phew. Now I just have to finish my Ph.d. application, and use the break to start researching.
Last night I realized I have not read a fiction book in almost two years. I don't know if I'm too upset about it; although, I would certainly like the opportunity. I caught myself feeling giddy after ordering Whitewashing Race. I tried reading one of my selections last night, but fell asleep after 8 pages. I think I caught Ms. Comrade's sleeping bug. Managed to watch Bananas, albeit in parts. I fell asleep during that, as well. Yes, I couldn't watch all 82 minutes in one sitting. I've got to slowly build up my tolerance in preparation for Return of the King.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Do pickles have any nutritional value?

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

My house smells like garbage but I don't have the energy to take it out. I haven't the energy to do anything, really.
Big Gray's new band is playing tonight and I (shhh) don't want to go. I'll be out too late and I can barely stand up as it is. How many hail Mary's do I have to do if I miss it?

What all is in a really good hot toddy?

It's about time
I now pay in-state tuition for the first time in my LIFE. I'll be saving atleast $500 per class. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Last Night
I dreamed of the apocalypse. It began with a green vapor entering a lake causing acid rain. Then volcanoes erupted with earthquakes, and meteor showers. I walked away with two grapefruit-sized blisters.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Is it weird that I have a slight crush on Richard Dawson?

Is 5 o'clock too early to go to bed?

Chips and Yogurt
Just made it back in 5 hrs (record time) from the best weekend in Athens I've had since I haven't lived there--not counting the wedding. Fortunately, when I arrived I had a second wind and was able to see Ms. Comrade's band play at Flicker. Step aside Mimi and Alan, there's a new Low in town. BG, Mame, and I passed up The Grill, but devoured Taco Bell while watching Conan--I haven't had time/energy to watch late night television in ages.
Next Day:
Ms. Comrade, Mame, P.E.M., and I went shopping downtown. After one stop, "we" decided to have lunch at the Globe. Yes, a beer and shot of tequila (and great people) at noon definitely mollifies the pain of shopping. The new Target is fabulous. I don't think I've had that much fun since going with my family to the Galleria in Birmingham every X-mas when I was lil', except for the time BG pressed all the buttons on the elevator then quickly escaped at the last minute, leaving me alone and ending up on a floor that was getting renovated. All the workers stared at me. Back to Athens...went to the Manhatten in the evening and Go Bar later for dancing. Quote of the evening: "Don't you major in crime?" I knew he meant criminology, but that sounds so much cooler.
Had the best tofu ever at Bluebird. Deep frying makes everything better! Finally watched my copy of The Peanut Butter Solution with an appreciative audience. If you don't know what I'm talking about here's a synopsis: It's Canadian, and yet you still cannot understand what they're saying, nor the plot. A kid enters a haunted house and is frightened so much that his friend has to roll him home in a shopping cart. The next day he has no hair and proclaims, "I'm disgusting! I'm disgusting!" That night two ghosts, formerly homeless persons, give him the peanut butter solution to make his hair grow. He adds too much peanut butter, causing incessant hair growing. Keep in mind that this is a children's movie when I tell you that the boy's friend (maybe 8 yrs. old) asks to use the solution--before he knows there's too much peanut butter--to grow pubic hair. "Hilarity" ensues when long, black, silky hair grows out of his pants. Oh yeah, the sister acts like she is 40 (pays bills, makes dinner). The way her father interacts with her borders on pedophilia--I mean it's really "funny." The plot develops when 20 children are missing, including the main character. The school art teacher has kidnapped them to work in his paint brush factory, and the main character subsists on a diet of yogurt, while his hair is fed through a machine to be used for the magic paint brushes that paint pictures you can enter. You think I'm crazy? See for yourself. Celine Dion does her best work ever--no kidding--in the soundtrack.
Memorable quote: "I want an education, not just to be hairy!" Said when the boy's hair disrupts class and the teacher kicks him out. Btw, that will be made into a t-shirt.

Left early this morning. Of all the wonderful associations I could have with driving through farmlands, frost on the ground, and school buses on the road, the only one I could think of is The Sweet Hereafter. Great. Death.

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