Friday, December 12, 2003

I'm done
But I don't feel great about it. I've been up for all but 2 hours since 5am yesterday. Honestly, I have no idea if what I wrote was good--I'm too delirious to know. I'm counting down the seconds before I get to leave to visit Mame (and Big Ray). It'll been a real fun weekend. One drop of alcohol could put me out for days. I leave at 2, btw. See ya' by 7:30.

Thursday, December 11, 2003


I pooped my pants.

"Barry's Speed and Auto Parts"
That is the sign on the side of a building in downtown Monroe. Thank god. I've been looking for a place to buy methamphetamines and spark plugs at the same time.

So, this kid would have been sentenced to 3 yrs in jail if he accepted the plea bargain. Instead, he gets life?! That's quite a difference. Surely, he wouldn't have served his whole term, but...life for a 12 yr. old?

My office was just upgraded to the latest Microsoft Outlook. It automatically spell checks emails before you send it. Amazing.

Let's Have a Contest
Alright folks, nearly every paper I write has the worst title. Normally, I wouldn't care, but my professors seem to uphold a title's importance. I cannot think of one for my latest paper. You decide. Here's the main idea: Qualities (i.e. a labor surplus) endemic to a capitalist economy necessitate innovations in punishment. The the labor surplus fluctuates with expansions and contractions in the economy. Economic instability creates anomie, resulting in strain from the gap between expectations and payoff. The point is: a large labor surplus means greater unemployment, lots of strain and criminal behavior. Repressive sanctions coincide with nearly all major contractions, while prosperous times heed rehabilitative measures. Example: U.S. in the 1970's had one of its greatest recessions. Also, marked a return to "just desserts," "get tough" policies--what I refer to as one of the most egregious errors in cj policy. Coincidence? no. With the advent of globalization, many corporations employ cheap labor overseas. The unfortunate cost of of progress is that corporations replace humans with computes to operate the machinery. Investors are now making high profits at the expense of worker's wages and jobs. Ah, but the relationship between the economy and punishment is not so explicit. Economic instability also induces a fear of the erosion of conventional values. The criminalization of the poor (i.e. moral panic) bars the increasing unemployment of the underclass from spreading into middle and upper class neighborhoods. A moral panic is ostensibly positive in that it maintains social order and moral boundaries. However, it obscures what's underlying in increased incarceration rates. The U.S. does have one of the largest violent crime rates in the world, but our incarceration rates exceed the rate of crime. In fact, violent crime is down, yet we're still imprisoning masses. So, moral panics are caused by an exaggeration and misunderstanding of the facts portrayed primarily in the media. What it really does is displace attention from the real problem: devasting inequality and poverty created by our economic policies. The War on Drugs is an example. The was no significant increase in the use of drugs, but it's led to the criminalization of many poor, and, subsequently, African Americans. The moral panic in this case displaced attention from Reagan's destructive tax policies and the fear of African Americans.

But they said it best.

Phew. Since I probably won't be posting for ahwile, feel free to discuss.

This just in from the pundit:
There's a new coffee shop in town called "It's not too latte." Good, but wouldn't you want it to be too "latte?" Maybe it's run by a coffee purist. No lattes, no mochachinos, no frappechinos (whatever the hell that is).

Did anyone know Tom Jones is Welsh?

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I will sound my barbaric yawp
I cannot explain moral panics on paper for the life of me! Break Time.

Mama Mia
here I go again...my my...how can I forget you?
Well, it's only Tuesday, yet I feel like I've suffered through an entire week already. 17th week of school and with a gun to their heads my photo babies are finally printing photographs worthy of a portfolio, I was informed today that another student broke up with his girlfriend because she (gestures with fist pumping in the air) another guy, I ate my weight in teacher-made deserts (I took a bowl of equisitely arranged fruit which was barely touched. Now I know to bring, apparently, sausage balls and cheetos if I want my co-workers to eat my food), heard an assistant principal refer to a student's behavior as "fucking bullshit" (knowing my affection for profanity you can be assured that I loved this!) and made the mistake of doodling a characature of one student and was forced to spend the next 45 minutes doing them for all the other girls in the class and one boy.

I know it pissed her off, but I laughed my ass off at Ms. C's dry erase board story... if I were anyone else with any other job she may have considered me insensitive, but she knows I understand.

I would kill for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Heard in passing at the library:
"I only like movies like American Pie. If it's not like American Pie, I won't watch it."

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