Saturday, December 06, 2003

You thought I was exaggerating
Last night was the awards banquet/X-mas party for my entire office, but I almost did not make it. I was given screwy directions from someone who worked at the country club. I ended up driving 30 minutes out of my way and almost was hit by an oncoming car in a two-lane road. I turned around and in a panic called Big Gray (that's what brothers are for, right?). Honestly, I don't know why. I get so flustered when I'm (a) lost, (b) driving at night, (c) one hour late. Of course, I knew to call again and get better directions, but I needed that reassurance from BG. So, I got better directions, kind of. The point is I eventually made it there in the middle of the awards. Fortunately for me, everyone was standing and I just sneaked in. Dinner was good; free drinks even better. Women were in sequined dresses. I looked fabulous, btw. So, then came the dancing. Started with a little Sinatra, Roxette then...Brooks and Dunn's "Boot Scootin' Boogie." No lie. Sure enough, the electric slide was afterwards. Mix in a little swing and finish with Tone Loc. It was too perfect. I actually ended up staying till the end.

I feel like shit...
but I guarantee you that I feel better than some of the other people I was with last night.

I spent an old fashioned Friday night downtown at the watering hole and in a smokey club watching great bands. Well, one great band at least. That's usually how it goes. Papa M was amazing, melodic, and had I one of his cd's I would be listening to it as I type this. I left early though when Ms. Comrade's out-of-town friend's out-of-town sister passed out on the couch at the Caledonia and the other sister thought it wise to just walk her around instead of leaving. As it turns out, sisters do know best, and sister 1 turned out to be ok but sister 2 was passed out when I spoke to Ms. C around 2:30.

After I left the Caledonia I found my dancing shoes and did my best to swing around and not spill my vodka on Michael Stipe whilst doing my best interpretation of Agnatha from ABBA.

In a letter an old friend closed by saying "send [Big Gray] my jealousy" and I thought it was just the greatest thing ever.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

cold cold cold
My students and I spent a good deal of 4th period today praying for snow, sleet or ice and a school closing tomorrow. They promised me that if I wanted to I could come hang out with them and we'd have a "girl's day" and they'd cover for me by saying I was one student's aunt. I politely declined.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

This hasn't been considered since Nuremberg! I'm still conflicted on Julius Streicher's (publisher of anti-semitic newspaper)contribution to the Holocaust and whether he should have received the punishment he did. I'm curious to see whether this decision will have any implications for other trials on crimes against humanity.

pet peeves and general dislikes...
You may not click your teeth on your eating utensil.
You may not spell words meant to be spelled with a "c" with a "k" (kustom kar korner)
You may not, under any circumstances, use dip in my classroom and leave your spittin' cup behind for me to find.

While I'm at it, I don't like apple pie, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or watermelon (any melon at all, really).

My friend Mr. Horton sent me a letter from China where he's lived for the past couple of years and I mistakingly read it backwards, which is infinitely telling about the way he writes. He would consider this a compliment, I'm sure.

It just keeps getting better
I walk into my office building this afternoon to find a table of delightful treats. If I don't have time for lunch, have no fear. This will happen every day until Christmas vacation. Then I get an email stating the office will be closed Friday afternoon (when I work) in preparation for our Awards/Christmas party that evening. It's a mammoth affair apparently (couldn't go last year). Some wear tuxedos and ultra-fancy dresses, but it's not required to go that far. I will be wearing my black coctail dress from L & C's wedding, perhaps with the pink cashmina (good idea? too springy?), and new, fab shoes. I don't have a date, but with an open bar and line dancing...I'm sure to be entertained.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

My dog returned from my mother-in-law's house covered in fleas. Again. I've just sat and watched him scratch his butt on the underside of a chair and growl either in pain or pleasure for about 15 minutes. It was hypnotic. I am late to pick up Ms. Comrade as a result.

A teacher was fired this week for allegedly having an affair with a 9th grader. Sheesh.

My holiday was a mess, but I did get to spend some major time with P. I spent the entirety of Sunday crying at miscellaneous things, most importantly the trip to the airport to send P back to Colorado. I also cried when I saw my parents, saw Big Gray, saw the dog (covered in fleas) and saw BG's ever-thinning hair.

I'd like to think that the long weekend made my students appreciate me more in my absence, but I know better...

Monday, December 01, 2003

Malfunction Junction
Fortunately for me, I skip water aerobics this evening and make it home barely 5 minutes before maintenance arrives at my door telling me there's water leaking into the apartment below. Huh? I hadn't been home since noon; so, I had no idea. The water heater broke. Great. They couldn't get it fixed this evening and had to cut off the water, but thankfully they're allowing me to use an uninhabited apartment for the time being to take a shower. Somehow, a broken water heater translates to everything is broken. I caught myself questioning whether I could watch t.v. I just don't function in these conditions.

The first cup of coffee consumed this morning worked moderately. The second, made early evening, put me to sleep. Sheesh. Third's a charm? Will I ever get any work done?

Driving home music
Who told Wheat that sounding like John Mayer was a good thing? The new album isn't bad, but it's quite a step down from Hope and Adams, even Medeiros. You'd think Dave Friddman would've worked his magic, instead we get a completely un-inspiring album. It's probably the most disappointing of the year--most likely because my expectations were so high. The new Shins and Do Make Say Think (i'm a little bit late in the new releases), on the other hand, are excellent. Former fans of Godspeed etc. should really check out DMST--they're similar to Godspeed yet manage to reinvent a bit of themselves in each record, keeping it interesting. Haven't checked out the new Movietone yet, but I'm sure it's a good one.

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