Saturday, November 29, 2003

Not your average cup of joe
I went to get an oil change yesterday morning. In the waiting room: pot of coffee, two containers of creamer, baking soda.
Last time I was there a customer began an ostensibly friendly chat with me. Apparently, he had other intentions. He was very Christian and had I said that I wasn't, I fear I would have had a much longer conversation than necessary. Oh, but that's not all. He asked me if I've had sex. I hate that duplicity. You think they're just being friendly, but all the extreme Christians want to do is preach and convert.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

For Lunch:
Creme Savers rasberry yogurt and BBQ Chips. I'm just savin' up for tomorrow.

America's Funny Man
I checked out D.J. Rothman's Discovery of the Asylum last night. In it I found "bullshit" written twice in the margins. Ha ha. Yeah, I'm sure this person really knows if it's bullshit or not--it's not btw.

some best friend...
If you are in the market for a new best friend I suggest you look elsewhere. My beloved Peyton is coming to town from Colorado and I have 1. misplaced her flight information 2. misplaced her oft changing phone number 3. not kept current with her sister's contact information so I no longer can get in touch with her and 4. honestly can't remember if it's today or tomorrow that I'm supposed to be at the airport (although I think it's tomorrow). I should be fired.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Dear Entertainment Weekly,
Thank you for naming The Iron Giant in the top 50 most tear-jerking movies of all time. I've only seen it once, but the scars will last a lifetime.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The church down the street claims that a true Thanksgiving starts with Thanksliving. I just thought it was turkey.
Silly me...

"I don't like it" he says.
I had intentions of waking up this morning at 6 to work on a paper I spent no more than 30 minutes on yesterday. Woke up to "Rock the Kasbah," and all I could think of was that Onion article about Omar Shariff declaring an end to rocking the Kasbah. So, I promptly fell back asleep without re-setting the alarm and kept telling people about the Onion article in my dream. My relentless fervor was almost nightmarish. I am thankful for my internal alarm clock that woke me up at 7 so that I could get to work on time. I am not thankful for, however, the large cup of coffee at 9 last night that did not do a damn thing to keep me writing, leaving the clean towel out of my reach after my shower, and the inevitable 70 degree weather that will return tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Mame on feeling like a kid again...
One of my students called me by my first name today in class. I can only describe the feeling as probably what my mom felt like when my 16 year old self decided that I was going to refer to her as Merle instead of mom. I, as did my mom all those years ago, put a swift end to the first name calling.

I spent the entirety of 4th period playing Jenga with my students. Tomorrow I've promised them that we'd make turkeys by tracing our hands and attaching feathers.

I have entangled myself in a "got you last" battle with one of my seniors. I could be seen running down the hall and shrieking after school today. (I got him!)

I may or may not have done the Roger Rabbit, followed by the Cabbage Patch during photo today. I'm pretty sure they were laughing with me.

Sometimes it's just this good.

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