Friday, October 24, 2003

I encourage all of you to check out this e-card. It's insanely adorable.

I just looked at my office calendar, and apparently October 18th is the "Sweetest Day." Who are the adwizards who came up with that one? What does it mean? What are we supposed to do?

Well Folks
I went to the gym this morning, and began at the bikes. There's a t.v. every few feet or so. Martha Stewart is usually on one of them. Today, she was dressed as a pirate. I know it was a Halloween special, but isn't that, um, odd?

Got my car professionally cleaned for the first time. It looks so good I feel like takin' a road trip.

It appears that I am sick AGAIN. It's not so serious this time; probably just a cold or maybe even bad allergies. All I know is I'm tired, my ears are plugged up, my throat hurts, and the Claritin D is doing all but what it's supposed to do--i'm really woozy right now (this is the non-drowsy kind too). What did I do to deserve this? I declare this semester the worst ever!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I'M BORED OUT OF MY MIND. Someone tell a joke. send me an email. please

One More

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Has there been anything good as a result of "Getting Tough" on crime?

I'm Learneding
So, I've had a couple of postings on the death penalty. I'm not so sure why there's an influx on such a topic, but I'm not slowing down--atleast not today. Yesterday, Juan Melendez spoke to my social theory class. He's the 25th person to be exonerated from Florida's death row. Twenty five persons that we know of in Florida, alone, are convicted but innocent! Amazing and ridiculous. Although, I'm aware of many of the reasons for cases like his happening, his speach was still enlightening and inspiring. When he was declared free, he was released with no more than $100, a pair of pants and a shirt. He just gave the state 18 yrs of his life and all they can provide in return is that?! There's very little aid for those who are exonerated. He brought up another good point too: the only reason his case was over-turned was b/c of it's high profile nature. Innocent persons incarcerated, but not on death row don't get the attention or excellent attorneys working pro bono.

Durkheim (and Foucault) said that a society must be observed in a period of instability. Moral boundaries are set to maintain social order (he argues that crime has the function of distinguishing what's moral and what's not). However, in the case of the death penalty, don't you think that it's morality gone awry? Is social order really being maintained here?
Just some current thoughts of mine.

So in Love
I could easily fill my house with anthropomorphic objects, and I have. X-ray and Step and Pep arrived on Monday. Kind of a pointless story, but I get quite excited about these things.

For Fans of Cat Power
I'm djing right now and just played Amy Blaschke. What I've heard is excellent. Not as sparse and slow as Cat Power, but I think there's a strong comparison there. It's her 2nd album and it's self-titled.

Someone also told me I have a really sexy voice on the air. Awesome! Maybe this week is getting better.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Excellent Point

It never makes sense that death penalty proponents argue for more "humane" methods of execution. Well, of course, it's to satisfy the critics in order to continue its use; however, if we're worried about being inhumane then why have the death penalty at all? I would even argue that these more humane methods lessen the chance of deterrance (not that there is ever much of one). Like the article mentions, minimizing the pain inflicted disguises the fact that someone is actually dying. We become disconnected from the act, making it more able to accept it, and the soon-to-be murderer isn't even aware of "harsh" punishment (assuming he/she calculates his crime). So, should we go back to electrocution or hanging, etc.? Absolutely not. There are many obvious reasons why, but the more humane we become, the likelihood of abolishing the death penalty will increase. The death penalty, in its current form, is solely used for retribution. Arguments for deterrance and cost savings aren't supported with much evidence. Is retribution a sufficient justification to keep it?

Monday, October 20, 2003

Random Thoughts
During my weekend in Picayune, MS (I expect Mame, Big Gray, Catoptric, or JP! will give a detailed report), I made several noteworthy (ah, perhaps, noteworthy isn't the word i'm looking for here. unique, I suppose) observations:
--somewhere outside of Poplarville, MS is an ice cream shop called "Rebel Dip." (no toppings for me!)
--Alabama has dog and pony shows. does that sound disturbing to you?
--Big Gray, I think you're almost always ludicrously entertaining, yet, no matter how much alcohol I've consumed, some of your stories (fictional and non-fictional) will never seem as funny to me as they are to everyone else. Because i'm your sister, i'm still mildly disturbed by what I heard.

--Because I'm wearing shoes with a little bit of height to them, it looks like my pants are in "high waters." Ugh, this is embarrassing.
--I don't feel coherent in the slightest.

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