Saturday, October 04, 2003

Word of the Day
I know that none of you have heard of this one:
asshole--anyone who questions police authority.
ex.: "A cop stops a car for speeding and politely asks the driver for license and registration. 'Why the hell are you picking on me and not somewhere else looking for real criminals?' 'Cause you're an asshole, but I didn't know tht until you opened your mouth.'

definition provided by J. Samaha in "Criminal Justice" textbook (please note that this was in the glossary).

I got news for you cops. "Asshole" isn't strictly law enforcement related.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Today I licked an envelope and cut my tongue on the edge of it. Until this moment, I was unconvinced that things like that happened to good people. Now I know...

I really think Death to Smoochie was underrated.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Someone hit me with the sick stick
Thank god today was the last day of classes before fall break. One week student-free. I likey. I let one of my kids read my cards in 4th period today. He told me that I must have excellent karma. I tend to agree...

I collided with a student during lunch and I got cafeteria day-glo nacho cheese on the front of my shirt. Priceless.

I'm going to go to bed and I won't be getting out until Monday morning, October 12th.

This Is the End
I'm feeling quite good today. This morning I found out that the only hours I'll have to take next semester are the 3 for my thesis/area paper. Being the nerd that I am (and to get financial aid), I'll probably take another course in the Spring like Drug Policy or Contemporary Social Theory--I eat that stuff up! So, I'll have my masters in the Spring. Wait. Didn't I just move here? If I didn't pursue my Ph.D. just yet, I could conceivably be back in Athens or Seattle or wherever I'd find a job by the Summer. After 5 semesters can I really consider myself a master in criminology? Don't think so. I certainly do plan to enter the Ph.D. program in the Fall, but it's just crazy to think how fast this has been and that I could be elsewhere in a little over a semester.

On a side note: has anyone tried the new Lay's chip "Cool Guacamole?" It's alright. Definitely doesn't taste like guacamole, but I still cannot stop myself from eating the whole bag. What's wrong with me?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Earl of Sandwich
I went to the nicest Subway ever today.

The joys of teaching
I thought I was having a bad day, but then I witnessed a collegue getting her ear chewed off by an irate parent. My fellow teacher handled it well and I could hear the mom on the other end of the phone yelling. Then she hung up.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: my job would be so much easier with profanity. "Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down."
I, like gclark, found a note today too but it was tame. Boring "you are the best friend in the world" crap.

We have gotten through a week's worth of working with x-acto knived and no one has tried to stab me yet, at least not successfully...

I thought this brought up some really good points.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

You Invade My Soul
As my few hours of fun for the week, last night I spent "An Evening With Richard Buckner." Oh, and it was wonderful. Just him, many guitars and pedals, and someone backing him on keyboards and guitar for nearly 2 hours (including many older songs). He didn't say a word to the audience. The sound was crisp, full, and of course melancholy. His voice was superb. I don't know if he is touring right now, but I feel very fortunate to have seen him.

Monday, September 29, 2003

I Coulda' Been A Contender
So sad.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Oh, my dream last night
The location: Mame and Big Gray's "wedding." It was outside, during the day, and in the Spring. I remember mostly seeing my friends from Auburn and the Mississippi boys. I was still a part of the wedding party, but was pissed that one of my childhood friends was not only a bridesmaid but she got to carry the flag. There was a lot of activity. I went to try one of the desserts made by Mark W. (i think). Without cutting it, you might have thought the pie he made was Key Lime, and it was partially. However, it had a blackberry filling. Ick.

You Are the One That I've Always Dreamed Of
Penicillin. My wonder drug. By Friday, I was already on my way to a speedy recovery, with the exception of minor headaches.
I did go to work for a few hours on Friday, just to finish up a project of matching the poverty rate of the larger cities in our sample. Athens, Jackson, and Tallahassee are all in the 20% range--that's pretty high.
Thankfully, I was allowed to go home after I threatened to infect the whole office.If the temperature hadn't been in the upper 80's outside and still quite warm in my apartment, I would have totally "pulled a Mame": slipped on flannel pajama bottoms and a cozy shirt--it's just to hot for that. However, I did watch my share of bad television:
--Started with the taped copy of the day's episode of All My Children. It's finally worthy of taping the missed episodes again, and thank god Hottie McHot Ryan Lavery is back on the show.
--Watched Insomnia (foreign version) afterwards and, ironically, fell asleep. It's just too much like the American version. I already knew what was going to happen. There was absolutely no need to remake this movie. Let the Americans suffer through the subtitles.
--Caught Bill Maher's season finale on HBO. Very entertaining. Charles Barkeley isn't the most articulate person, but he brought up some valid points.
Saturday and Sunday, thus far:
--Watched Troop Beverly Hills (no one reveal how many times i've seen this)--there sure isn't one funny moment in that movie considering it's a cast full of "comedians."
--Found out that I couldn't exchange some jeans, b/c I bought them at an outlet store. How can a pair of jeans, which are the same style and size and brand as another pair that I own, not fit now (slightly too tight) when the others did upon their purchase and still do now and after I've lost 10 lbs?
--Watched Trading Spaces, which is beginning to annoy me. It's just too long, and is Frank really an accredited designer? His "art" is the worst.
--Watched some of When Harry Met Sally this morning (have too every time it's on).
--Too bad Save the Last Dance is on next week.
--Tonight I host an artist feature for Richard Buckner. He's here tomorrow evening--woo hoo!!

Despite what you might think, I was very productive in regards to my school work. However, I had to mix up the reading with a little bit of mindless t.v.--it's just too depressing to read non-stop about all the failures of our criminal justice system. Not to mention, I'm still in recovery. I did read a great book that I would recommend to all, entitled "Conspiracy of Decency." It describes the role of Denmark/the Danish in WWII. Did you know that 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust? Sure there are many individual cases of citizens from other countries helping the Jewish, but almost all of Denmark worked against the Germans to protect their Jewish population.

After much neglect...
...I have reconnected with my fotolog. Look for daily updates again.

We had a fabulous time with my parents yesterday. Ms. Comrade, PEM and A&W all came over for kabobs and drinks. The ladies looked at potential suitors on match.com while the boys watched college football. After everybody else left for various reasons, Team Magee-Windsor and I watched The Goonies. I woke up this morning feeling sure that it had been a perfect evening.

I dreamt last night that I was in Paris. BG dreamt that we were spokepersons for Kroger's new double coupons.
The honeymoon is over.

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