Saturday, September 20, 2003

The worst design you own
I love Jetset Modern Magazine. Now I love them even more. Thank you, JSM, for publishing an article to validate that I am not the most anal rententive tv owner on earth.

The second most popular thing that Big Gray and I divide our allegiance on is the practical v. tidy of owning a tv, cable, stereo, surround sound, dvd, vcr, and multiple video game console. I will allow you to guess which side I am on, along with most women who have married into an technophile's world.

Hot for teacher
One of the regular substitutes at my school is a former Playboy model. As you might imagine, most of my male students ask for her by name when they know I'll be out.

Friday, September 19, 2003

You just look like an idiot.

And this would make me pee in my pants.

For the love of god, could someone please get "Ko Ko Mo" (with John Stamos accompanying, of course) out of my head.

Btw, if i haven't expressed this enough, the new Matthew Sweet record is A-mazing (be sure to say it in that nasal-y, indie way).

Yesterday, I saw some "frat daddy" with a homemade shirt that said: "Team Sleep." I want to copy it.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Clark will run!
And hopefully he will win.

My agenda for the rest of the evening:
1. cutting my fingernails
2. putting on my pajamas
3. going to bed

"I find myself writing 'go to bed' and 'wake up' in my planner as if they were two separate events."

Let me go wild
I've been a little bit cranky and pessimistic over the past few days--maybe a general malaise is a more accurate way to describe my state. I'm a "Type B" to the max. I don't handle stress well, and a lack of sleep only exacerbates a foul mood. However, all that changed last night when I got a good 10 hours of sleep. Wow. I feel fantastic.

Anywho...I can't help but love these cooler morning and evening temperatures. Is this the sign of an early winter?

I'm listening to an advanced copy of the new Matthew Sweet cd (thanks to Sascha!!). Let me tell you that all of the songs so far are rock-out winners! It's mighty fine.

Is it possible to have thin skin so that one blisters easily? I'm not talking about fair skin and blistering in the sun. Almost every pair of shoes I own, whether they're new or old, give me painful blisters. My feet look quite disgusting right now; not to mention, it hurts to walk.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I just got attacked on the on-line discussion for a class, because I suggested that the notion of equal opportunity was a myth. The respondent before me said that committing a crime is a choice--why would you sell drugs over working at a legitimate job? Of course, now I have doubts about what I said. Here's how I responded (please note that this is a very casual discussion group; i didn't want to go into too much depth):

"I think what is implicit in your (and many americans) assumption that we choose to commit crime over legal means of obtaining a salary is that anyone can succeed if they work hard. Call me pessimistic, but this notion of individual success and the American Dream is naive and completely unrealistic. Equal opportunity is a myth.
Sure, we see abusers of welfare and the like, but there ARE people out there working their asses off and aren't "moving up" in the world (for an easy read and pretty good illustration of this, i recommend reading "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich). You can't tell me that success is available to everyone when I know for a fact that the removal of affirmative action programs in California, Florida, and Texas has decreased college enrollment drastically in the better schools for many hard working and deserving minority students. This is just one example.
So, I'm not trying excuse illicit behavior; i'm trying to be more realistic and take into account that there are mitigating circumstances. Yes, people do make a choice to commit crime, but in some cases I can't wholeheartedly believe that it's all of their own volition."

was I being too "out there?" maybe i exaggerated a few things. why do i have this feeling that i'm going to be attacked here, as well?

Hallelujah/It's about fucking time

IKEA is opening an Atlanta store. Too bad it won't open until 2005. I can't wait that long!

Am I missing something?
I've read this story numerous times and from different sources, but still cannot see the logic in it. Let me get this straight: Bush removes strict environmental regulations on factories, which prompts the factory owners to upgrade their equipment and will ultimately lower dangerous factory emissions? Oooook. Sure.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Couldn't have made it anyway, but...
...Howard Dean was in Atlanta tonight doing a q and a. I wish I could have been there but there was no way and I'm sure the conservative majority at my school would not have taken it lightly if I had skipped tomorrow's work day in favor of supporting Dean.

I walked past a student-made poster in the hall for a spanish class where they were to make a autobiography in their limited Spanish vocabulary. One student's said "I like girls. I like trucks. I hate school. I love Jesus."

Fucking poetry...

Why didn't i see this earlier?
I have no idea what the story says, b/c I cannot get past those pictures.

Where did it go?
Back at work, drinking coffee, and wondering why I don't seem to feel any less tired after a relatively calm weekend. My friend, ML, arrived Friday evening much later than expected after some confusion regarding the directions (probably my fault). Saturday was spent thrift shopping at the best junk shop in Tallahassee, watching Finding Nemo (both of us hadn't seen it yet) and About a Boy, and, yes, studying. We opted out of going to Mogwai. Here's why: nothing sounds more unappealing than standing in a smokey/loud/crowded/hot bar for hours. I've seem 'em twice; so, i could justify passing it up. Sunday, ML left early and I persevered in my quest to finish reading a book for class today. Did I finish? Nope. Got close, but I don't think I remember half of it. I couldn't force myself to read anymore. So, I headed to see the Pernice Bros., which was perfection.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Cabin Fever...
...most boring gore flick. Ever.

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