Friday, August 29, 2003

Apparently I screwed someone's girlfriend
I've got to get a spam blocker.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Drinks with Ms. Comrade makes all better. Mr. Sosebee joined us for a while until his Loratab haze got to be too much.
'nuff said.

T if you are reading this, I'm desperately sad that I missed your visit this past weekend. Sometime again soon, perhaps?...

I go to bed now with only a scruffy white dog and two manic cats to comfort me. BG I miss you.

"Three strikes and let's talk about it"
I just wet my pants.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I have two enlargers set up. One of my them is broken. I think it's just the bulb, but there are no replacements. I still don't have the cart that was supposed to be ordered the first week of school. If I can't have my own classroom I really should have a cart of my own. I don't have any photo paper. I hear that there is a closet full of darkroom equipment. "Archaic" was the word used to describe it. I have hopes. High ones.

My 3rd period class today asked me if I had ever been to Amsterdam. When I answered yes you can only imagine what the next round of questioning went like.

But a veteran teacher pulled me aside today and told me that he had made many threatening phone calls to the board office on my behalf. I'm sure it's because my class of 35 art 1 students meets in his science lab, but I appreciate the support nonetheless. My dad also sent me an article from my home town paper re: budget cuts in San Diego schools. To give you a frame of reference, they were remarking in the article how difficult it will be this year for the schools because of a 30% supplies budget decrease. That's a lot.
They cut the arts budget 100% at my school this year. That's, uh, a lot more.

I'm having a BTS-essaince. I listened to Keep It Like a Secret full volume all the way home from work.
Oh, and I cried.

I do not have a scale in my house. I, as I've mentioned before, determine weight loss and gain with my favorite jeans. Today they are a little looser than I remember. If I didn't think it was from malnurishment I'd feel better about it.

Big Gray leaves tomorrow for the west coast and I'm unreasonably upset about it. Usually I would celebrate a weekend BG free. I feel a little clingy. I need a drier sheet.

Back in school mode
Here are some of the latest statistics from the Bureau of Justice:
--"At midyear 2002, the Nation's prisons and jails incarcerated 2,019,234 persons." Over 2 million! Over 2 million!
--Congrats to Mississippi for incarcerating 728 inmates per 100,000 residents. Alabama was only 593.
--"If incarceration rates remain unchanged, 6.6% of U.S. residents born in 2001 will go to prison at some time during their lifetime. About 1 in 3 black males, 1 in 6 Hispanic males, and 1 in 17 white males are expected to go to prison during their lifetime..."
--"The rate of ever having gone to prison among adult black males (16.6%) was over twice as high as among adult Hispancic males (7.7%) and over 6 times as high as among adult white males (2.6%)."

check out the stats for yourself at the BJS website.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'm officially one of those gals who keeps a bottle of Malox in the top drawer of her desk and drinks it straight out of the bottle.

Thursday Big Gray leaves for San Francisco. I stay here and await a visit from the Agent. We will go shopping and drinking and I plan to hypnotize myself into thinking that my job is better than it actually is.

I did my budget for the year and it comes out to under $1.50 a student.
I am convinced I am either speaking Greek or Russian in class.
I have had 5 new students added to my classes this week: 2 have yet to show and 1 doesn't speak a word of English. A number of his classmates spent a good portion of class trying to get him to tell them how to say "balls" in Spanish. They also begged to know how to say "taco".

Despite it all, I managed to make it through another day without ripping out all of my hair. I did scream into the chair cushion during my lunch break in my office.
It felt good.

You may have heard the news
Crime is down, but you have to consider UCR (uniform crime reports) vs. NCVS (national crime victimization survey) data when looking at these reports. I've talked about this before (I think). I'm not going to say much now, considering I haven't fully looked at the new data. The new stats certainly don't help the argument against the "lock 'em up" mentality. However, this editorial illustrates some concerns I've discussed in the past.

Monday, August 25, 2003

'Nole More. 'Nole More.
Classes have officially begun, and it's no fun trying to find a parking space a 1:00pm, walking in this weather in heels (i didn't have time to change from work) across campus with 10 or so books ($251 so far and still going). That's ok 'cause in two weeks the campus will seem empty--no one is studious for too long--and my classes are going to rock my world. The first: Crimes against humanity, focusing primarily on Nazi Germany b/c of the wealth of literature out there. It's a seminar, so let's cross our fingers that there is discussion. The second: classical sociological theory. Weber and Durkheim and others whose names I have forgotten, mmmm. What can I say? I love theory. It's also taught by my professor for the Affirmative Action class I took this summer, who was fantastic. The last is a survey course--easy peesy (thank god). Maybe I'll produce some decent entries from what I learn. Then again, I never said anything that I wanted to say on Affirmative Action, policy, and the like. We'll see.

I passed by band practice (marching, that is) on my way to the car. Smash Mouth's "Walking on the Sun" is apparently in their show. It didn't sound too bad, suprisingly, but that song is soo 1997. Why are they playing it now? That seems to be popular with all marching bands: hey, let's play something that was a hit a few years ago. If they want to play older songs, use the Beatles or something a lot older than 1997. Not to mention, marching bands just shouldn't even try to pull off hip songs. I mean, c'mon. Who wants to hear a guitar part played by a clarinet? No one likes Muzak and it's not doing anything to get rid of that band nerd image.

What in god's name did I eat that could give me heartburn this bad? Last night and all day today I have been a ball of fire from the inside out. I threw a tantrum in front of my photo students, slamming doors and giving lots of dirty looks. In my defense, they are lazy and the new girl spent most of my class re-applying her make-up. Word of advice: don't interrupt my development demo to ask to use a pass unless you are going to the councelor to ask for a course change.
That is my report.

Did anyone see The Simpsons cast on Behind the Actors Studio yesterday (maybe it was a rerun)? I have to admit that it wasn't incredibly funny, nor was it informative. Just the main guys answering stupid questions from Lipton in the voices of their particular characters.

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