Thursday, August 14, 2003

All of my lovelies
Oh, I really do apologize to the agent for having to tow the load all by herself these days. I've been in a fever dream since the first day of school. A little update:
One of my classes still manages to ruin most of my day. Yesterday I had to send a student to the office and I felt horrible. I hate being that teacher. It's the first time ever that I've had to resort to such measures. But after it was done I felt impowered. I was worried about what that would mean for me when the student returned but it was biz-niz as usual and he was just as non co-op and argumentative as ever.
While doing web research on contemporary photographers today one of my students ran across a picture by Joel-Peter Witkin featuring a naked women and a horse with an erect penis. He screamed out in the library "it's pornography" and I had to control the situation by explaining that it was not, in fact, porn, but that particular artist's style was of the macabre and surreal but by that time there was a crowd of anxious high schoolers so I just hastily closed the window and moved on. I was actually surprised that the internet blocks the school district has didn't catch that. For christ's sake, half the Diane Arbus images were blocked for no apparent reason. Gorjus, you'll be happy to hear that Sally Mann was a big hit, as was Cindy Sherman- a personal favorite of mine.

Big Gray and I went to the Braves game last night. They were playing San Diego and I spent most of the time there sweating and feeling sorry for the ol' Pad's. I was hysterical tired and grumpy when we got home and may or may not have said some things that prompted BG to fall asleep on the couch watching TV.

I miss the connection I have with you all via blogsphere. I miss my fotolog buddies. Suzanna, are you still there?!!

This weekend we go to BG's high school reunion. What shall I wear?

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I Go To D.C.
I leave this afternoon for Auburn. Then I'll fly out of Atlanta tomorrow to go to "The District" to visit a friend who just moved there. I cannot wait! Almost one week away from work and the heat. Museums galore! I haven't been there since the 8th grade I believe. I went with family once that year and also with my girl scout troup. I remember listening to Nirvana's Come as You Are (before everyone else discovered it of course), and Lenny Kravitz's Mama Said on the girl scout trip. Oh, I think Mr. Big was popular (with the others), as well. We met AL senators Howell Heflin and Richard Shelby. Then on the family trip, we (my dad, stepmom, two stepsister, lucas, and me) were eating at a nice restaurant and Lucas "farted" (actually, just moved in his chair, but we thought it was a fart) and Lucas, my younger stepsister, and I couldn't stop laughing. Isn't it strange that this is what I remember? I'm sure my experience will be quite different this time.
I must be honest with you. I'm also ecstatic about being in the Atlanta airport. I've loved that place for as long as I can remember. It's definitely because of the nostalgia tied to it. So many great family trips began and ended there. One gift shop always had that oddly entertaining/mesmerizing "toy" with the penguins that moved up the ladder and went down the slide. We'd stop to get Mentos--it's a Jensen tradition, a good luck charm/ ear popping aide. Oh, and how could I forget the moving trains--before their voice was changed to sound more "human." Ah, so many memories...
Ok. So, I'll talk to you peeps next week.

End of Dream This Morning
I'd attempt to explain the beginning, but it was full of too many people from my past and present to remember. I'm not really sure what happened anyway. So, I do remember my mom telling me she took some of my clothes to the Salvation Army, including my favorite jeans. Apparently, I was very angry, b/c I wouldn't stop yelling at her. She got in her car to leave the mall/factory and I walked ahead of her. Danielle, you and your daughter were leaving as well. Your daughter spotted two dollars on the ground and I handed them to her. My mom was pulling out into the highway when I caused her to go the wrong way, against the traffic. Fortunately, the other cars didn't hit her. I was so upset that I decided to open a can of black beans in the middle of the road and eat them raw while sobbing. I woke up almost in tears.

Add it to the list!
Witness for the Prosecution is my new favorite movie. Wow. Wow. The dialogue is so great throughout the whole movie, and the ending. Jeezus. I thought I had it figured out. Too bad I can't/won't tell. Billy Wilder--what a genius!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Two A's!
Well, one A and one A- to be exact. Considering how much work I did for both classes, I deserve two A's. I suppose the A- comes from a not-so thorough final paper. Methodology is not one of my strengths, and it becomes even more of a weakness when I choose to write the paper two days before it's due. Oh well, i'm not complaining just a little embarrassed, because I should know better.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Still my favorite. Is this not the greatest name EVER?!

Monday, August 11, 2003

Back to the same old crap
I had a brief and apparently temporary moment of clarity on Friday with one of my classes which today went by the way-side. One of my students, a 5th year senior, argued with me when I called him out for talking to his neighbor while I was trying to give a demo. He told me that he didn't think he needed to pay attention since I hadn't specifically said that I wanted his attention. I told him that if he wanted I would be happy to give him a personal invite whenever I had something to say.

Everything else goes along well, despite no budget, few supplies and the fact that I teach 3 classes in 3 different rooms.

Regardless of my many invites to my students to stay after class or school to debate my teaching philosophy (which consists of basically wanting them to do something during my class besides talk and sleep) I haven't had any takers. We'll see.

This weekend was relaxing. Please see fotolog for a pictoral essay on Friday night.

Paradise Hotel is on tonight and after reading the brief on last week I'm tempted to start watching it again. The last episode I saw kept me up most of the night weeping for the state of humanity. But now Toni is gone so things might be better. But I doubt it...

Movie Report
Pirates was overall entertaining, but I think I had my expectations way too high; I was mildly disappointed directly afterwards, but since then I've grown to really like it. I don't think I need to say much more about that.

Meantime, one of Mike Leigh's first films, wasn't so good. He's one of my favorite directors, but, well, this was lacking any plot whatsoever. Tim Roth was subdued and almost unrecognizable (a good performance on his part), and I think Gary Oldman found an outlet for his overacting as an outlandish skinhead. However, I had no emotional attachment to anyone in the movie. By the end, I couldn't have cared less about any of them. Oh well, Leigh has made plenty of other good ones.

I'm still thinking about Swimming Pool. For the first hour, I thought it might have the Knife in the Water syndrome--unfounded praise for a monumentally boring movie--but it didn't. It proved to be much more interesting in that Picnic at Hanging Rock kind of way--unresolved ambiguity on so many levels. It could hardly be called a thriller considering two hours felt like two days. Nice cinematograpy. I would definitely see it again.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Observations made tonight/this morning
-Capturing the Friedmans is an amazing movie. It does a fantastic job of showing the complexity of child sexual abuse cases, the media/public/criminal justice system's reaction to sexual offenders, familial relationships, and how they interact.
-If Cat Stevens can sue the Flaming Lips, then why hasn't anyone told Tom Petty he should sue the Strokes for their rip off of "American Girl."
-Belhaven remains one of my favorite beers.

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